This plugin allows you to send messages from Jenkins jobs to Telegram chat.
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TeleJenkins Japan Style

This plugin allows Jenkins to send notifications via telegram bot.


  1. Download latest release
  2. Manually install .hpi plugin to your jenkins

Basic usage

Create bot
  1. Find BotFather in Telegram (@BotFather)
  2. Send /newbot command
  3. Enter bot name and bot username
Global config
  1. Open the Jenkins global config
  2. Paste your bot name and username to according textfields
  3. In filed Usernames fill names of users who can get Jenkins messages (separated by spaces)
  4. Save
Subscribe for Jenkins messages
  1. In telegram find your bot and send /start command
  2. Send /sub command
Manage your job
  1. Add build-step (or post build-step)
  2. Fill the message (you can use environment variables and simple Markdown)
  3. Save your job
Use in Pipeline

telegramSend 'Hello World'