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TestNG Plugin for Jenkins (and maybe Hudson)

This plugin allows you to publish TestNG results. TestNG result xml file
contains more information than the JUnit report xml file. This plugin
exposes those extra information in graph and table reports.

This plugin makes it possible to import TestNG XML reports from each
build into Hudson. The data is parsed using the output generated using
org.testng.reporters.XMLReporter. The results are displayed with a trend
graph and all details about which tests that failed are also presented.

Release Notes

### upcoming
* JENKINS-8926 - capture information regarding groups
* JENKINS-9838 - Action --> HealthReportingAction

### v0.24
* Fixed: JENKINS-9742 - Test Report exposes data via the Remote APIs now

### v0.23
* Fixed: JENKINS-9835 - Remove isRelativePath option
* Fixed: JENKINS-9836 - Start storing testng-results.xml with build artifacts
* Moved help information from configuration options to help.html
* Fixed: JENKINS-9839 - Fix graph refresh after a build is deleted
* Added: JENKINS-9837 - capture parameters used to run the test method
* Changed to start appending '_x' where 1<=x<=n to test method names in urls
to disambiguate multiple tests with same name from same class. This stops
using the UUID that was being associated with all the test methods.

(NOTE: There is a slight break in backward compatibility in this release.
Significant code changes and features have been introduced in this version.
Older builds might face some issues, though the chances are very low. Also, the 
urls for older data for test methods will change)

### v0.22
* A whole lot of code cleanup. Removed a lot of unnecessary classes.

### v0.21
* Have checkboxes for escaping test description and exception message selected by default
* Changes to how exceptions are displayed. No need to repeat message, highlight exception class etc
* Removed code supposed to make this work as Maven plugin. Was all unnecessary code.
* Fixed NPE because of GroupTestRun

### v0.20
 * New: JENKINS-9605 - Add option to not HTML-sanitize localized messages of exceptions

### v0.19
 * Fixed: JENKINS-9083 - fix urls in results trend chart

### v0.18
 * Fixed: JENKINS-9083 - handle jenkins context path in URLs properly
 * Updated pom dependency to jenkins 1.399 (make it simpler to release plugins)

### v0.17
 * Fixed: JENKINS-9299 - test results trend chart not showing
 * Updated pom dependency to jenkins 1.396

### v0.14
 * Fixed: JENKINS-8828 - Exception message is not displayed correctly for failed tests
 * Fixed: JENKINS-7916 - FormatUtil method is using TimeUnit.toMinutes which is not defined in Java 1.5

### v0.10
* Fixed: diff value was display as --3 instead of 3 and -3 instead of +3

### v0.9
* Fixed: Checked in the missing sidebar icon files

### v0.8
* New: added diff and age column for all test results
* New: list failures/skipped tests under "Latest Test Results" summary section

### v0.7
* Fixed: Plugin fails to find testng-results.xml file when project is configured to checkout sources from SVN SCM.

### v0.5

* Fixed: parser test cases were failing with IOException
* Fixed: Updated colors for Trend Graph to match JUnit graph and bar colors
* Fixed: Better display of content on the test method result page
* Fixed: Open/Close js behavior on Package results page
* Fixed: Removed a lot of dead code and unnecessary files
* Fixed: Trend Graph is shown for Projects and not for Builds
* Changed: TestNG Results link at Project page doesn't take you to latest build results anymore
* New: Trend graph has tooltips and links to different builds

### v0.4

* New: Initial release
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