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TestProject plugin for Jenkins

TestProject plugin provides an easy way to execute TestProject jobs.

This plugin supports both FreeStyle and Pipeline jobs


In order to use this plugin you need to:

  1. Have an active TestProject account which can be obtained for free at the TestProject website.
  2. At least one registered and running TestProject Agent.
  3. A job (in your account) containing the tests that you wish to run.

How to use

  • Install the plugin.
  • Go to project Configure > TestProject.
  • Provide your TestProject API Key which can be obtained here.


In addition to the API key that needs to be provided once in global configuration when executing a job you will have to provide 3 additional parameters:

  • projectId - The ID of the project that contains the job you with to run.
  • jobId - The ID of the job that you with to run.
  • waitJobFinishSeconds - How many seconds should Jenkins build wait for the automation job to finish. If 0 is provided, Jenkins will not wait for TestProject to finish execution.

To get Project/Job IDs, use the context menu in TestProject application.
Copy ID

Pipeline syntax

    runtpjob jobId: '<JOB_ID>', projectId: '<PROJECT_ID>', waitJobFinishSeconds: 180

Additional info

YouTube tutorial:

TestProject Blog:

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