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[JENKINS-44411] - Extend documentation to clarify throttle() behavior
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@@ -69,9 +69,29 @@ which define throttling behavior for Matrix master run and configuration runs.

Starting from `throttle-concurrents-2.0` the plugin allows throttling particular Pipeline blocks by categories.
For this purpose you can use the `throttle()` step.
Throttling within a single job **is not supported**, use features provided by the `parallel()` step or define a special global category for the job.

<!--TODO: Update example once JENKINS-31801 is integrated-->
How does it work?

* If `throttle()` step is defined, all explicit and implicit `node()` invocations within this step will be throttled.
* If `node()` step is defined within the `parallel()` block, each parallel branch will be throttled separately.
* Throttling of Pipeline steps in `throttle()` will take other throttling logic like job properties in Pipeline and other job types.
* If the specified category is missing, `throttle()` execution will fail the run.

#### Examples

**Example 1**: Throttling of node() runs

// Throttle of a single operation
throttle(['test_2']) {
node() {
sh "sleep 500"
echo "Done"

**Example 2**: Throttling of parallel steps

// The script below triggers 6 subtasks in parallel.
@@ -94,7 +114,13 @@ throttle(['myThrottleCategory1', 'myThrottleCategory2']) {

If the specified category is missing, `throttle()` execution will fail the run.
##### Unsupported use-cases

This section contains links to the use-cases which **are not supported**

* Throttling of code blocks without `node()` definition.
Feature request: [JENKINS-44411](

### Throttling Pipeline via Job properties

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