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Throttle Concurrent Builds Plugin

This plugin allows for throttling the number of concurrent builds of a project running per node or globally.

# Usage

The plugin supports two modes:

* Throttling of runs in Jenkins by one or multiple category
* Throttling of multiple runs of a same `AbstractProject` job (not recommended)
* Throttling of runs by parameter values

For each mode it is possible to setup global, label-specific, and node-specific limit of concurrent runs.
If multiple throttling categories defined, each requirement needs to be satisfied in order to pick the task from the queue.

Usage specifics:

* If throttling category cannot be satisfied, the task submission stays in queue until
the locked category becomes available.
The submission can be terminated manually or by timeout.
* The plugin throttles tasks only only on common executors.
Flyweight tasks will not be throttled.
* If the jobs are organized into a chain (e.g. via Parameterized Trigger build steps), each run in the chain is being counted independently.
E.g. if _ProjectA_ and _ProjectB_ use category `cat_A` on the same node, 2 executors will be required from the category pool.
Improper configuration of categories/jobs may cause deadlock of such build chains due to consumption of ll executors and waiting for downstream executions blocked in the queue.

## Global configuration

Global configuration allows defining global categories.
For each category you can setup global, label-specific, and node-specific restrictions for executor numbers.
After the configuration, it will be possible to select and use the categories in job configurations.

Configuration example:

![Global Category Configuration](doc/images/global_categoryConfig.png)

To set an unlimited value of concurrent builds for a restriction, use `0`.

## Throttling of classic job types

Classic job types (FreeStyle, Matrix, JobDSL) can be configured via job properties in the job configuration screen.
Below you can find the configuration example:

![Throttle Job Property](doc/images/abstractProject_jobProperty.png)

* There are two modes: _Throttle This Project Alone_ and _Throttle this project as part of one or more categories_.
Only one mode can be enabled.
* _Throttle This Project Alone_
* For this option you should configure _Maximum Total Concurrent Builds_ and/or _Maximum Concurrent Builds Per Node_
* To set an unlimited value of concurrent builds for a restriction, use `0`
* With this setting categories will be ignored
* _Throttle this project as part of one or more categories_
* For this option you should specify enabled categories using checkboxes
* _Maximum Total Concurrent Builds_ and _Maximum Concurrent Builds Per Node_ fields will be ignored
* _Prevent multiple jobs with identical parameters from running concurrently_
* Adds additional throttling by parameter values

For _Matrix projects_ the property offers two additional checkboxes,
which define throttling behavior for Matrix master run and configuration runs.

![Throttle Job Property for Matrix](doc/images/abstractProject_matrixFlags.png)

## Throttling in Jenkins Pipeline

<!--TODO: Remove warning once JENKINS-31801 is integrated-->

:exclamation: Pipeline support is coming soon ([JENKINS-31801](

In Jenkins Pipeline it is possible to throttle runs by categories.
For this purpose you can use the `throttle()` step.
Throttling within a single job is not supported, use features provided by the `parallel()` step or define a special global category for the job.

<!--TODO: Update example once JENKINS-31801 is integrated-->

// The script below triggers 6 subtasks in parallel.
// Then tasks will be throttled according to the `myThrottleCategory` category settings.
def labels = ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6']
def builders = [:]
for (x in labels) {
def label = x // Need to bind the label variable before the closure
// Create a map to pass in to the 'parallel' step so we can fire all the builds at once
builders[label] = {
node('linux') {
sh "sleep 5"
throttle('myThrottleCategory') {
parallel builders

# License

[MIT License](

# Changelog

See [this page](

# Reporting issues

All issues should be reported to [Jenkins Issue Tracker](
Use the `throttle-concurrent-builds-plugin` component in the `JENKINS` project.
For more information about reporting issues to Jenkins see [this guide](

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