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Disclaimer for JENKINS-44747 change.
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abayer committed Jun 7, 2017
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@@ -77,6 +77,14 @@ How does it work?
* Throttling of Pipeline steps in `throttle()` will take other throttling logic like job properties in Pipeline and other job types.
* If the specified category is missing, `throttle()` execution will fail the run.

#### Warning regarding restarting master

:exclamation: Due to a deadlock (as described in [JENKINS-44747](, a
change has been made which can theoretically result in throttle categories being ignored in running Pipelines
immediately after the Jenkins master has been restarted. This will be investigated further in
[JENKINS-44756](, but was considered a necessary change in order to
resolve the deadlock scenario.

#### Examples

**Example 1**: Throttling of node() runs

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