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Slave termination now deletes VMs asynchronously.
JENKINS-42187 applies to us too; same cause, same fix.
So we avoid trying to delete VMs in-line with the slave's
terminate method and instead schedule deletion for later.
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pjdarton committed Jul 6, 2017
1 parent 35c3feb commit b9594afef5b74a99a65d0b9f426854e835346af8
Showing with 19 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +19 −3 src/main/java/org/jenkinsci/plugins/
@@ -428,9 +428,21 @@ void provisionedSlaveHasTerminated(final String cloneName) {
synchronized (templateState) {
templateState.provisionedSlaveNowUnwanted(cloneName, true);
attemptDeletionOfSlave("provisionedSlaveHasTerminated(" + cloneName + ")", cloneName);
// We should also take this opportunity to see if we've got any other
// slaves that need deleting.
// Deletion can take a long time, so we run it asynchronously because,
// at the point where we're called here, we've locked the remoting queue
// so Jenkins is largely crippled until we return.
// JENKINS-42187 describes the problem (for docker).
final Runnable task = new Runnable() {
public void run() {
attemptDeletionOfSlave("provisionedSlaveHasTerminated(" + cloneName + ")", cloneName);
VSLOG.log(Level.INFO, "provisionedSlaveHasTerminated({0}): scheduling deletion of {0}", cloneName);
// We also take this opportunity to see if we've got any other slaves
// that need deleting, and deal with at most one of those
// (asynchronously) as well.

@@ -440,6 +452,10 @@ private void attemptDeletionOfSlave(final String why, final String cloneName) {
boolean successfullyDeleted = false;
try {
vSphere = vSphereInstance();
// Note: This can block indefinitely - it only completes when
// vSphere tells us the deletion has completed, and if vSphere has
// issues (e.g. a node failure) during that process then the
// deletion task can hang for ages.
vSphere.destroyVm(cloneName, false);
successfullyDeleted = true;
VSLOG.log(Level.FINER, "{0}: VM {1} destroyed.", new Object[]{ why, cloneName });

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