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Jenkins Warnings Next Generation Plugin

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The Jenkins Next Generation Warnings plugin collects compiler warnings or issues reported by static analysis tools and visualizes the results. It has built-in support for almost one hundred report formats. Among the problems it can detect:

  • errors from your compiler (C, C#, Java, etc.)
  • warnings from a static analysis tool (CheckStyle, StyleCop, SpotBugs, etc.)
  • duplications from a copy-and-paste detector (CPD, Simian, etc.)
  • vulnerabilities
  • open tasks in comments of your source files

The Jenkins Next Generation Warnings plug-in replaces the whole Jenkins Static Analysis Suite. I.e. it makes the following Jenkins plugins obsolete: Android Lint, CheckStyle, Dry, FindBugs, PMD, Warnings, Static Analysis Utilities, Static Analysis Collector Plugins.

If your tool is not yet supported you can either define a new Groovy based parser in the user interface or provide a parser within a new small plug-in. If the parser is useful for other teams as well please share it and provide pull requests for the Warnings Next Generation Plug-in and the Analysis Parsers Library.

The plugin publishes a report of the issues found in your build, so you can navigate to a summary report from the main build page. From there you can also dive into the details:

  • distribution of new, fixed and outstanding issues
  • distribution of the issues by severity, category, type, module, or package
  • list of all issues including helpful comments from the reporting tool
  • annotated source code of the affected files
  • trend charts of the issues

For more details please refer to the documentation.

All source code is licensed under the MIT license.

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