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Merge pull request #23 from jenkinsci/jglick-stash-docs

[JENKINS-38640] [JENKINS-36914] Warn users to avoid stash/unstash of large files
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jglick committed Oct 10, 2016
2 parents 95e202b + 413df48 commit f541cd2cda5f316042d38af556f4160f7e470ccf
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Saves a set of files for use later in the same build, generally on another node/workspace.
Stashed files are not otherwise available and are generally discarded at the end of the build.
<strong>Note</strong> that the <code>stash</code> and <code>unstash</code> steps are designed for use with small files.
For large data transfers, use the External Workspace Manager plugin,
or use an external repository manager such as Nexus or Artifactory.

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