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@@ -23,8 +23,7 @@ node {
A set of environment variables are made available to all Jenkins projects, including Pipelines.
The following is a general list of variables (by name) that are available;
see the notes below the list for Pipeline-specific details.
The following is a general list of variable names that are available.
<!-- Cf. EnvironmentContributor/EnvVarsHtml/index.groovy -->
<dl class="env-vars">
@@ -33,12 +32,9 @@ node {
The following variables are currently unavailable inside a Pipeline script:
SCM-specific variables such as <code>GIT_COMMIT</code> are not automatically defined as environment variables;
rather you can use the return value of the <code>checkout</code> step.
<!-- TODO when JENKINS-24141 fixed: SCM.all().each { e -> st.include(class:e.clazz, page:"buildEnv", optional:true) } -->
<li>SCM-specific variables such as <code>SVN_REVISION</code></li>
As an example of loading variable values from Groovy:

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