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Proving that JENKINS-37215 fix takes effect: symbols are displayed wh…
…en available for heterogeneous and homogeneous lists.
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jglick committed Feb 5, 2018
1 parent 4e579c8 commit 509b623188741825e081d348ea229cadb069e449
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -233,14 +233,16 @@ public class SnippetizerTest {
st.assertGenerateSnippet("{'stapler-class':'" + CatchErrorStep.class.getName() + "'}", "// " + Messages.Snippetizer_this_step_should_not_normally_be_used_in() + "\ncatchError {\n // some block\n}", null);

@Issue({"JENKINS-26126", "JENKINS-37215"})
@Test public void doDslRef() throws Exception {
JenkinsRule.WebClient wc = r.createWebClient();
String html = wc.goTo(Snippetizer.ACTION_URL + "/html").getWebResponse().getContentAsString();
assertThat("text from LoadStep/help-path.html is included", html, containsString("the Groovy file to load"));
assertThat("GitSCM.submoduleCfg is mentioned as an attribute of a value of GenericSCMStep.scm", html, containsString("submoduleCfg"));
assertThat("CleanBeforeCheckout is mentioned as an option", html, containsString("CleanBeforeCheckout"));
assertThat("content is written to the end", html, containsString("</body></html>"));
assertThat("symbols are noted for heterogeneous lists", html, containsString("<code>booleanParam</code>"));
assertThat("symbols are noted for homogeneous lists", html, containsString("<code>configFile</code>"));

@Issue({"JENKINS-35395", "JENKINS-38114"})

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