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JENKINS-11210 - ws-cleanup should be excuted as the first or the last…

… step in case of pre build cleanup or post build cleanup, respectively
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vjuranek committed Oct 11, 2011
1 parent 65f170a commit 0a2a1286a73fe0be019d6c972a0352b591f41368
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ public void preCheckout(AbstractBuild build, Launcher launcher,

public static final class DescriptorImpl extends Descriptor<BuildWrapper> {

public String getDisplayName() {
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ public BuildStepMonitor getRequiredMonitorService(){
return BuildStepMonitor.STEP;

public static final class DescriptorImpl extends BuildStepDescriptor<Publisher> {

public DescriptorImpl() {

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