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********************** XStream **********************

     "Java to XML Serialization, and back again"

--[ Binaries ]-----------------------------------------------

All binary artifacts are in the 'lib' directory.  These include the 
xstream jars and any other library used at build time,
or optional runtime extras. kXML2 is recommend for use as it will
greatly improve the performance of XStream.

--[ Documentation ]------------------------------------------

Documentation can be found in docs/index.html. This includes:
 * Introduction and tutorial
 * JavaDoc
 * Change log
 * Frequently asked questions

--[ Source ]-------------------------------------------------

The complete source for XStream is bundled. This includes:
 * Main API [src/java]
 * Unit tests [src/test]
 * Maven build files [pom.xml] 
 * Dependencies [lib]


-XStream Ccommitters