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public class GetSatisfactionQuery
public String newHtml = '';
public String getNewHtml()
return newHtml;
class Response {
public Integer total;
public Topic[] data;
class Topic {
public String at_sfn;
public String subject;
public String content;
public Integer active_replies;
public String user_defined_code;
public String most_recent_activity;
public String status;
public Author author;
public String slug;
public String style;
public Integer me_too_count;
public Integer reply_count;
public String is_closed;
public String company_id;
public String has_promoted_replies;
public String employee;
public String created_at;
public Integer follower_count;
public String last_active_at;
public String id;
public String url;
public Emotitag emotitag;
class Author {
public String avatar_url_medium;
public String champion;
public String avatar_url_large;
public String title;
public String employee;
public String avatar_url_small;
public String avatar;
public String name;
public String avatar_url_mini;
public String canonical_name;
public String id;
public String at_sfn;
public String url;
class Emotitag {
public String feeling;
public String face;
public Integer intensity;
public void customGetSatWidget()
HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
// Set HTTPRequest Method
// Set HTTPRequest header properties
req.setHeader('content-type', 'application/json');
// To get the Basic auth header value, I did:
// Go to
// Put in a value for Username:Password that looked like ""
// (But don't try that, it is not my password or email address.)
// Then I insert the encoded value in the setHeader call below.
req.setHeader('Authorization','<<Add a Base 64 encoded Auth token here.>>');
// Set the URL of the API endpoint I want to query
Http http = new Http();
try {
// Execute web service call here
HTTPResponse res = http.send(req);
// Helpful debug messages
// Deserialize the JSON response and create a response object.
Response topicRes = (Response)JSON.deserialize(res.getBody(), GetSatisfactionQuery.Response.class);
// For each topic, get the data and do some formatting to make it look nice.
for (integer idx=0; idx < 5; idx++)
// Get the Topic object.
Topic topic =[idx];
// Use HTTPS because secure data is happy data.
String uri = topic.at_sfn.replace('http:', 'https:');
// Truncate the body to just 80 characters.
String body = topic.content;
if (body.length() > 80)
body = body.substring(0, 77) + '...';
// Create an HTML string that formats the three elements referenced above.
newHtml = newHtml + '<li><a href="' + uri + '">' + topic.subject + '</a> </li>' + body + '<br />';
} catch(System.CalloutException e) {
// Exception handling goes here....
System.debug('Error from GET request.');