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A full MERN stack tea collection tracker

Cuppa is built on React with Redux, Node using Express and Mongoose, and connected to a MongoDB database. It also uses JWT tokens for authentication and user management. Scripts are built using Webpack. This is not a Create-React-App-based project.

Table of Contents


Cuppa was created to fill a personal need. I have a large variety of teas I enjoy drinking, a whole cabinet full of them. In order to keep track of what I drink, how much, when I'm running low, etc. I needed a simple app. Coincedentally, I wanted to dig deeper into React and build something full stack while I was at it. The end result is Cuppa.


After downloading the repo, run npm install in both the root and client folders.

You'll need to create a MongoDB database (I used Once that's complete, make a copy of the .env.default file in the root, rename it .env and paste in the correct uri for your database.

Local Usage

  • Use npm run dev to launch both the server and front end apps.
  • On a successful build, you can then open http://localhost:1234 to view the app.

Heroku Usage

  • Use npm run build to create a static build.
  • Add MONGOURI and the url for the mongoDB database to the Config Vars on Heroku's dashboard.
  • Deploy to Heroku


TODO: fill in this information




This is a personal project, so I'm unlikely to accept PRs but you're welcome to fork the project.

Please follow the coding standards.

Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © 2019 Jennifer Lyn Parsons

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