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a repository of self-care resources

one day i wasn't feeling well and told some friends on We All JS that i was going to hide in my virtual hoodie. it started me thinking about how important self care is, and how little we pay attention to it in the tech community.

so often i see my fellow developers ignoring their basic needs for rest and refreshment. i started this site to provide a central location to find links that will help us all take better care of ourselves.

not a developer or involved in tech? you still deserve to take time for self-care, too! you don't have to be in tech to contribute and use these links.

have a link to share? just submit a pull request!

more meta stuff

I won’t tell you to stop working, but I can try to help you not burn out - i wrote a post on medium to dig a little deeper into why i made this site.

selfcare_tech - i made a twitter bot if you'd like to follow it. there are reminders for selfcare practice and the occasional link as well.


much thanks goes to these awesome people for helping me hammer out some very important details at the start of this project:

thanks to @mchlltt for helping fix things up!

build using milligram, tota11y, and my own two hands.


these folks have submitted helpful links to improve the directory: