Connecting Spacebrew with a Bluetooth (BLE) using the NOBLE library
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####General notes This app is an example of reading information sent via BLE in a node app, and sending that information to Processing via Spacebrew. The app reads information sent from two RedBear BLE Shields -- the app is currently set up for two specific, individual shields -- and uses the data in a Processing sound app. More information about Spacebrew can be found here. The spacebrew_and_BLE.js node app uses the NOBLE library.

####Files included here

  • Arduino/: Contains the file to upload to the RedBear BLE Shield for Arduino.
  • sb_bluetooth_processing/: Contains the files to run the Processing sketch. sb_bluetooth_processing.pde is the main file.
  • package.json: The JSON package for running the node.js app. You may type "npm start" at the command line to run the node app.
  • spacebrew.js: Node.js spacebrew library.
  • spacebrew_and_BLE.js: Node.js app integrating BLE.

####To run the app Navigate to SpaceBlue folder on the command line and type "npm start". Start the Processing app by opening sb_bluetooth_processing.pde and clicking "Run". These are currently configured to use the public Spacebrew sandbox. Connect the appropriate subscribers and publishers there.