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The Statistician (or other data person) as Project Manager: Strategies for Serenity & Success

Talk at WSDS 2018, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 2018.

Update: I wrote a blog post to accompany this talk! Find it on my web site.


Statisticians and data scientists are often some of the few team members to work on every aspect of a project. From defining research or business questions through interpretation, communication, and dissemination of results, we’re ideally involved at every step, “translating” and coordinating between different teams. Often we’re doing this in collaboration with multiple teams or research groups, simultaneously trying to keep major projects moving forward in the midst of ad hoc requests. Our training largely focuses on technical skills, yet in our inherently collaborative positions, we often find ourselves taking on some roles of project management.

Though our interests and/or natural abilities may lend themselves to those roles, most of us are neither trained in those responsibilities, nor are we always recognized or rewarded for developing them. We’ll discuss strategies for prioritizing our technical work and development while successfully keeping analytical projects on track, and ideas for recognizing data scientists who perform well on these “soft professional skills” not traditionally incorporated into promotion criteria.


Note: There are several linked resources in the slides; these links don't work in the GitHub PDF viewer, but should work if you download them.


Talk on the statistician/data scientist as project manager.




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