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Set of scripts to enhance current osm-qa-tiles with relations (and more?)
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Playing in this repo before moving to osmlab...?

Some scripts to automate the extraction of turn restrictions (and more?) from the planet pbf file and then join with the latest osm-qa-tiles.

Originally from this gist:


Each script is numbered to run in order. First, wget the latest planet file and the osm-qa-tiles:

$ wget
$ wget

Then, filter the planet file for relevant restrictions (~ 10 minutes ):

$ ./  

Now run the extract script to turn turn-restrictions into GeoJSON (~ 1 minute ):

$ ./

Run tippecanoe to create the turn restrictions mbtiles file ( ~ 2 minutes ):

$ ./

Finally, run tile-join to join the turn restriction tiles with osm-qa-tiles, this can take some time.

$ ./

Ultimately, you'll get this file: osm-qa-with-tr.mbtiles Now you can feed this into tile-reduce for further analysis.

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