Using open web technology to create slide decks SUPER QUICKLY BECAUSE I'M A VERY BUSY WOMAN.
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A simple single-page app for making HTML slides real quick and easily.

made with love by jenn.

Look at the source for documentation because I am terrible and too busy to put it here just yet dives into volcano

####Changelog Version 4.0 "Three Dog Night"

  • "one is the loneliest number and it's also how many projects are in this project, so this is now just the single-page SimpleSlides and not the jquery plugin" - Abraham Lincoln

Version 3.0 "2 Chainz"

  • original single-page html/js version refactored and optimized (single-page.html)
  • new jQuery plugin! (/plugin/simpleslides.js)

Version 2.0 "Kyle MacLachlan"

  • removed the need for user to add id #'s to each slide

Version 1.0 "Nicholas Cage"

  • the original gangsta