IN PROG-ROCK-RESS - A WordPress theme for building and showcasing open web slide decks.
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WordPress SimpleSlides

A WordPress theme for developing and showcasing your slide decks.

Dependencies Built In

Creating Slides

  1. Create new post
  2. Title and Excerpt-meta-box content will show on home page.
  3. In post content, wrap your individual slide content with <div> and </div> tags, which will automagically be turned into slides. Just the top-level div tags will be slides - you can have divs nested within them which won't become slides.

Custom Settings Meta Box

  • Custom CSS - enter straight-up CSS for your slide deck's custom style -- ex. body { font-family: monospace; }
  • HighlightJS Theme - select the theme for HighlightJS syntax highlighting. Defaults to default, go figure.

Slide page hash state

  • add #slide= state to the end of your slideshow URL and the number of the slide to go directly to that slide -- ex. for page 3 or if using pretty permalinks.

CSS Tricks

  • to style or hide navigation arrows, add css for #navigation in the SimpleSlides CSS meta box
  • to style or hide counter, add css for #counter in the SimpleSlides CSS meta box

Future Updates

  • how-to post on demo site
  • better query params for slideshow page
  • transitions
  • timer
  • get some sleep maybe lol ok

SimpleSlides License

SimpleSlides WordPress Theme, Copyright 2014 Jenn Schiffer

SimpleSlides is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL