an in-browser canvas tool which is great fun!
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make8bitart is a web-based pixel art application that's super fun and easy to use!


Just download the source and direct your browser to the index.html of the project root directory. It's just HTML, JavaScript and CSS, so no need for a special server setup.


Aw yiss, pull requests welcome. Check out the issues for things I want to work on and holler if you want to take one or whatever on. When you download, run npm install and then grunt to build. Grunt is used to concatenate and minify the js and css files into the build folder.

dependencies uses jQuery and a jQuery plugins I wrote: draggybits

now with imgur support

Register your own imgur app and enter the info on /js/custom/make8bitart.js at line 91.

misc notes

8-bit truthers will complain that the color palette is not actually 8-bit. I discuss this on my "blog". If that makes you really angry, then I suggest you take a nap, butthorn.

This is an agile development cycle, so I'm poppin' in features as I come up with them or as folks request them. Expect changes here often, and do not be shocked to find gross code. If you have suggestions, I'm totally open to hear them and learn if you're not a nerf dart about it!

made with ♥♥♥ by jenn schiffer

I designed, built, and created all of the graphics for this passion project. The dinosaur art in the source was found through a variety of geocities websites.

If you have feature requests, create an Issue to start the discussion!