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Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.
The copyrights embodied in the content of this file are licensed by Yahoo! Inc. under the BSD (revised) open source license.

Sideline README

The official Sideline website is located at http://sideline.yahoo.com. For more background on Sideline reference the following YUI Blog post.

Contact Info


  1. How often are my searches terms updated? - By default each search term is refreshed every minute. You can adjust the query rate under the options menu.

  2. How often is the trend data updated? - Sideline refreshes its trend data every 5 minutes. It will grab whatever is the latest data available from Twitter at that time.

  3. Can I imported pre-defined search groups and related terms? - Sideline does support importing of pre-defined search groups. This is useful for loading up a large amount of specific search groups and custom search queries without laboring through the UI each time. To use this create a basic text file with a .ssf extension (Sideline Search Format). In that text file you will define your search groups and custom searches using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). There is a example file included with the Sideline source code called sample.ssf. That example demonstrates defining two search groups and several different searches within each.

Additional Notes

  • Sideline does phone home on startup. This is done as a safety precaution so that we can put the application in maintenance mode in the event that a security issue is identified. We'd take it out if we could, but our security policy prohibits this.