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R scripts can be rendered!

Jenny Bryan 2018-06-06

Here’s some prose in a very special comment. Let’s summarize the built-in dataset VADeaths.

## here is a regular code comment, that will remain as such
##    Rural Male     Rural Female     Urban Male     Urban Female  
##  Min.   :11.70   Min.   : 8.70   Min.   :15.40   Min.   : 8.40  
##  1st Qu.:18.10   1st Qu.:11.70   1st Qu.:24.30   1st Qu.:13.60  
##  Median :26.90   Median :20.30   Median :37.00   Median :19.30  
##  Mean   :32.74   Mean   :25.18   Mean   :40.48   Mean   :25.28  
##  3rd Qu.:41.00   3rd Qu.:30.90   3rd Qu.:54.60   3rd Qu.:35.10  
##  Max.   :66.00   Max.   :54.30   Max.   :71.10   Max.   :50.00

Here’s some more prose. I can use usual markdown syntax to make things bold or italics. Let’s use an example from the dotchart() help to make a Cleveland dot plot from the VADeaths data. I even bother to name this chunk, so the resulting PNG has a decent name.

dotchart(VADeaths, main = "Death Rates in Virginia - 1940")