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In-house statistics for the Vancouver Nighthawks of Major League Ultimate

To do

  • check systematically for creative entries in clock before/after, i.e. when people only report the second or suddenly report tenths of a second, etc.
  • 2014-04-19_phlSP-at-nykRM point 36: the second event is coded TD instead of PU; the player attempted to catch the pull but dropped it ...that's the first case of this; I need to take a deliberate look at what all my scripts do with that
  • 2014-05-03_bosWC-at-nykRM point 39: the second event is coded TO instead of PU; apparently there was a timeout called even before a pickup; I need to take a deliberate look at what all my scripts do with that
  • take comprehensive look at what's character vs factor
  • sort out the offline access for Google spreadsheet
  • add a comment column have asked MLU to bless this but no response
  • get a handle on which offensive fouls cause posession to change and which ones don't

Makefile notes not updated in a long while ...

  • assuming the GOOGAME and GAME have been set up in the Makefile and are not being passed constantly via command line
  • make clean_raw removes all data extracted from Google spreadsheet, sitting in 01_rawGoogleExtract
  • make eg_pt POINT=7 extracts raw data from the Google worksheet for point 7
  • make eg_all extracts raw data from all worksheets, all points
  • make yo POINT=3 adds Google data for point 3 and reruns all the R stuff
  • make clean_cat cleans out the raw, concatenated Google data, sitting in 03_concatGoogleExtract
  • make cat_goog concatenates the raw Google data across all points
  • make clean_clean cleans out the clean, processed game data, sitting in 04_cleanedGame
  • make clean_game processes the game
  • make web bakes the "now playing" style game webpage
  • make web_copy copies the "now playing" webpage into web
  • make set_web copies the "now playing" webpage to vanNH_nowPlaying.html; ideally this would be just symlinking but I'm having trouble with that and can't troubleshoot now
  • make compile_index compiles web/; should only need to be re-done when new game is added to
  • make r_bits runs all the R scripts
  • make sync syncs web/* to notOcto/vanNH subdirectory of my stat website


  • To pass my Python script a Google spreadsheet name with all sorts of awful spaces and punctuation in it, this will work, i.e. surround it with single quotes

    ./ -gg 'Official Statistics - 2014 - Week 5 - 5/10 - Rainmakers @ Nighthawks' -g 2014-05-10_seaRM-at-vanNH
  • To use my Makefile target to do same, surround it with single AND double quotes

    make eg_all GOOGAME='"Official Statistics - 2014 - Week 5 - 5/10 - Rainmakers @ Nighthawks"' GAME=2014-05-10_seaRM-at-vanNH
  • Note: neither of the above is necessary during live game work because I set a default value for GOOGAME and GAME inside the Makefile now

  • It is evil to record info for offense and defense on the same row of the spreadsheet. MLU likes that for defensive fouls, so I handle that with my own cleaning script.

  • Stay aware 0 vs 00 re seattle rainmakers. Always use 00. Helpful lines for ad hoc checking for either in game play at the end of cleaning and expanding: game_play[with(game_play, grepl("00", pullNum) | grepl("00", recvNum)), ] game_play[with(game_play, grepl("\b0\b", pullNum) | grepl("\b0\b", recvNum)), ]

Helpful for Python command line argument processing:

Python working directory stuff:

File I/O:

Knitting from command line or Makefile:


In-house statistics for the Vancouver Nighthawks of Major League Ultimate






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