Real-time student comprehension meter with AngularJS and Firebase
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A student comprehension meter made with Angular and Firebase

See it live here:

Based on the technique of asking students to raise one to five fingers, Fist-to-Five is a real-time web app that allows groups to give feedback on questions and offer opinions.

For example, a teacher can ask "How well do you feel you understand JavaScript promises?" or simply make a statement: "The sides of an isoceles triangle have equal length," choose a scale, and allow participants to vote. The teacher can instantly determine whether to review or move on to the next topic.

Data is stored in the cloud and any changes are rendered instantly to any device pointing to the fist-to-five url. Each user can immediately see changes made by other users.

Open on your phone, tablet, and computer in multiple browsers and see it update in real time.

Technology used: Firebase, AngularJS, Chart.js, HTML, CSS