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How many tweets?

A simple real-time app using a stream of data from nio.js visualized using D3.js.

Visualizes a live stream of the number of tweets per second and shows the maximum number of tweets per second for the interval since the last refresh or click of the reset button.

A minimal front end with index.html, style.css, and app.js come together to make an informative, interactive app that updates in real time. Open index.html to run, or see it live here:

Some ideas for future functionality (a wish list):

  • smooth out initial line drawing to make path segments animatable
  • smooth out line drawing transitions by setting duration to equal the previous time to update data (assuming the best judge of time to get data is the time it most recently took)
  • add a counter for interval between resets
  • all kinds of statistics are possible: records, streaks, averages, calendars
  • add more interactivity to line to show values more clearly on hover