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Coding assignment 832

See requirements in requirements folder.

Know issues

Because the API uses pagination, to get all results we have to make more than one request (limited by PAGINATION_LIMIT in src/config.js) which could cause some bugs in displaying results if user zooms in/out very quickly (could be solved by using something like axios which allows to cancel fetch promises).

Tech used:

The project is built with React (Create React App takes care of bundling, linting, live server, building etc.), styled with styled-components, uses react-lazyload to lazy load images and google-map-react component to handle map and markers.

Code is formatted with prettier.

Getting Started

Download or clone the repo and install dependencies via

npm install

To run development environment with live server:

npm start

To create production build:

npm run build

Files for deployment will be placed in the /build folder.