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In this assignment you need to make an Ajax request and show the results on a web page. Because of limited time you will only show the results. You don't have to make the search form or filters.

The data for the search results can be found as JSON from the URL:<text>&bounds=<north>|<east>|<south>|<west>. Both text and bounds are optional arguments.

For this assignment you need to make a page containing the following elements:

  • A map (Google Maps for example) showing the items from the result
  • A list showing the items from the result with at least the following data visible:
    • The name of the space
    • The name of the venue (location)
    • The city where the space is located
    • Extra data you think is useful to show as well

It is up to you to decide which frameworks you want to use (or not). You could think of frameworks like ReactJS, Angular, etc. It is up to you.

As inspiration you can use this page: Your version doesn't need to be as extensive as this example.

Make sure the code is clean and robust. This is more important than the amount of features!