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This is beta6 version of RaspberryMatic ( with the following updated/new functionality and bugfixes.

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  • updated OCCU environment to 2.27.8 firmware
  • integrated Beta Version of WebUI (ReGaHss R1.00.0388.0105 (Apr 9 2017)) supplied by OCCU providing the following changes/fixes:
    • fixed the max. 200 ReGa script variables limitation (see here)
    • fixed Timer functionality which had severe problems especially with short timers < 15 min (see here)
    • fixed Time format output (see here)
    • fixed/removed limitation for max size of HM scripts (was limited to 100KiB)
    • fixed crashes on orderly shutdown
    • fixed config AutoSave to save also on exit/reboot
    • fixed/changed default config AutoSave time interval (forced save every 60 min, changed config every 5 min)
    • fixes addressing certain race conditions/crashes
    • increased parallel HTTP session limit from 3 to 10
  • updated buildroot Linux environment to latest stable 2017.02.1 version
  • updated Linux kernel to version 4.4.50-rt63
  • changed device management to use udev (like a CCU2) instead of mdev
  • USB sticks/harddisks will now be automatically mounted using udev functionality to /media/usbX
  • added more WiFi firmwares to support WiFi-Dongles based on RT61, RT73, RealTek 87xx and Realtek 88xx chipsets.
  • Backup and Restore functionality can now deal with filled up /usr/local partitions or with large backup archives by creating backup/restore jobs on disk rather than in memory.
  • fixed Addon upload functionality to not break if /usr/localwas filled up larger than 400-500 MB
  • file names of backup files will now contain the firmware version they were created on
  • added socat as a new default package
  • added irqbalance as a default service to take care of distributing IRQ load across all processor cores
  • added rngd as a default service to read random numbers from the hardware random number generator from a RaspberryPi (/dev/hwrng) to substantially increase the entropy pool for /dev/random
  • implemented orderly "shutdown" functionality in WebUI (Config -> Maintenance)
  • removed microSD init/setup and firmware update WebUI components as they are not required with RaspberryMatic
  • fixed firewall setup to also setup/start the IPv6 firewall with the same settings like the IPv4 version
  • fixed incorrect crontab/crond setup which was the reason why CloudMatic didn't immediately work after a reboot
  • minor bugfixes and functional changes

For support on installation and help please visit the following (german speaking) help fora:

RaspberryMatic - Installation Guide
RaspberryMatic - Forum

Please find the necessary installation image (*.img file) in a zip archive file attached to this release. To verify its integrity a *.sha256 file is included in the zip file which contains the sha256 checksum of the img file.