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AmiSSL 5.2

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This is version 5.2 of the open-source based AmiSSL library for Amiga based operating systems. AmiSSL v5 is a new major release which has been updated with full compatibility with OpenSSL 3.0. This includes important security related fixes, a built-in HTTP(S) client and comes with new encryption ciphers which are required nowadays to connect to modern SSL-based services such as HTTPS and SSH.


  • Updated OpenSSL backend to full compatibility with the latest OpenSSL 3.0.4 (21.6.2022) version, which brings security, memory leak and other bug fixes.

For details on all changes, see the full commit log.

Backwards Compatibility

All applications compiled to use previous versions of AmiSSL v5 will automatically use this latest version once installed. Old applications will continue to use AmiSSL v4 or older and will need to be recompiled with the updated SDK in order to start using AmiSSL v5. Besides this difference, AmiSSL v5 can be installed on top of any previous AmiSSL versions, which ensures that applications compiled for AmiSSL v1/v2/v3/v4 continue to work.


AmigaOS 4.0+/PPC, AmigaOS 3.0+/68020+ or MorphOS


This release comes with binaries for the AmigaOS4/PPC and AmigaOS3/m68k platform only. Unfortunately, due to lack of motivated developers we couldn't provide native binaries for the MorphOS/PPC or AROS (PPC, i386, x86_64) platform. If you are, however, interested in seeing AmiSSL v5 being ported to these other Amiga-based platforms, please try to find motivated and talented developers who join our team as maintainers for these alternative platforms. In addition, if you are a MorphOS or AROS developer yourself, feel free to send pull requests to see your platform supported in one of the next releases.


Please find the necessary OS specific installation archives and the developer SDK attached to this release below. The SHA256 checksums for the archives are:

3c6a31f1e695296ae34c196882faa60d89a8f3b3988cd63250dd5ed4feccdda9  AmiSSL-5.2-OS3.lha
6cfe136d0cc2446134f231cf39a7e915aa8fa5943eeda3ec66e951cf1eb08bae  AmiSSL-5.2-OS4.lha
c65a25634efe70019a32f7b13196790c144af3392bd22d6acb402218940a428e  AmiSSL-5.2-SDK.lha