codesets.library 6.21

@tboeckel tboeckel released this Jan 16, 2018

Version 6.21 of codesets.library.


  • codesets.c: treat CS_MIBENUM_UTF_16LE/BE and allow CS_MIBENUM_UTF_32LE/BE as
    synonyms for CS_MIBENUM_UTF_16 and CS_MIBENUM_UTF_32.
  • libinit.c: moved the system and CPU description behind the copyright part.
  • all/Debug.c: declare inlined _INDENT() function as static to avoid warnings
    of GCC5.
  • include: updated SDI headers.

codesets.library 6.20

@jens-maus jens-maus released this Aug 4, 2016 · 15 commits to master since this release

Version 6.20 of codesets.library.


  • fixed the wrong destination codeset extraction since the addition of MIBenums as alternative to codesets.
  • added support for IANA MIBenum numbers as an alternative for codeset pointers to these functions:
    • CodesetsFindA()
    • CodesetsConvertStrA()
    • CodesetsSetDefaultA()
    • CodesetsUTF8CreateA()
    • CodesetsStrLenA()
  • Furthermore the MIBenum number is now contained in the codeset structure for reference, too.