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Releases: jens-maus/yam

Experimental Nightly Build Snapshots

27 Dec 14:58
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Bei den Dateien die unter "Assets" zu finden sind handelt es sich um experimentelle Nightly Build-Snapshots. Diese sind NICHT für den produktiven Einsatz bestimmt, sondern lediglich für Testzwecke vorgesehen – z.B. um neue Features bzw. Bugfixes zu testen. Die Nutzung dieser Versionen kann zum kompletten Daten/Konfigurationsverlust führen oder andere nicht vorhersehbare Effekte hervorrufen. Die Nutzung geschieht daher auf eigene Gefahr!

Eine stabile/aktuelle Version kann stattdessen unter "Releases" heruntergeladen werden.

The files found under "Assets" are experimental nightly build snapshots. They are NOT meant to be used in production environments as they may contain severe bugs or incompatibilities which could destroy your installation/configuration. They are meant to be used for internal tests of new features and intermediate bugfixes only. Use of these experimental builds is therefore at your own risk.

A stable/latest version can be downloaded from "Releases"

YAM 2.9p1

27 Apr 12:12
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  • fixed a thread safety issue which resulted in GUI operations being executed not from the main YAM thread but from a different thread. This caused MUI to popup a warning under certain circumstances when downloading mails.
  • switched the whole catalog translation mechanism from manually submitting translated .ct files to the use of the free services of Now translators can freely use the services of and submit translations online via
  • Slightly changed the logical of the mail reply action in terms of mailing lists. YAM will now directly reply to the Mail-Followup-To header entry if a matching mailing list is found. In addition, the SHIFT key will now make sure that a reply will always end up at the sender of a mail. Contrary to that, pressing the ALT key will directly reply to all (e.g. the mailing list).
  • fixed the folder conversion routines to not loose connection to the destination folder in case of a move-to-folder operation.
  • fixed a problem where the installer script failed on AmigaOS3 with "Unmatched parenthesis in line 885"
  • fixed a minor cosmetic bug where the wrong config page titles were displayed.
  • fixed the signature text editor to not parse the signature text via the ParseEmailText() function as otherwise the text styles end up in mixing up a specified signature.
  • fixed the incorrect conversion of filters from older YAM versions when using an AND combination of rules.
  • fixed a problem with the "Content-Disposition:" MIME header line which was set to 'inline' for plain text attachments. This cause problems with some mail clients (e.g. Apple Mail) which always displayed these attachments as part of the mail text not allowing to save them as separate attachments.
  • fixed a bug where quoted real names in an email address string was incorrectly added to YAMs emailcache mechanism.
  • fixed a bug where upon creating a new addressbook group new entries couldn't be inserted into that group until a reload of the addressbook had been performed.
  • fixed a bug which prevented the user images in the address book and mail information part of the read window from working on MorphOS.
  • fixed a bug where the display name of standard mail folders (e.g. incoming) couldn't be changed.
  • fixed a minor bug regarding the transparency settings of the donate image in the About window of YAM.
  • Mails put on "hold" by older versions of YAM without a dedicated Drafts folder will now be moved from the Outgoing folder to the Drafts folder upon startup to avoid being sent out by accident.
  • fixed a bug where a setting the disabled state of filter rules always cause to set complete disabled state of the whole filter.
  • fixed a minor bug in the MAILCHECK Arexx command where the STEM variables weren't correctly initialized.
  • fixed a long standing bug where a Drag&Drop operation from a mail to the address book didn't actually add the address to the drop position.
  • modified the Cc and BCC text fields to be actually localizable by translators.
  • Fixed a bug where the small attachment list in the first tab of the write window wasn't updated if attachments were added in the 'attachments' tab.
  • Downloading an update archive will now always show the transfer window to inform the user about the download's progress no matter what if the transfer window is configured to be invisible for mail transfers.
  • the online ARexx documentation ( can now be directly accessed via the corresponding main menu item.
  • reworked the Installer script to check for a running instance of YAM. If that is the case then the user is prompted to terminate that instance to make sure that no files which might get overwritten during the installation are locked. After the installation a reboot is recommended to ensure that updated libraries and classes are really flushed from memory.
  • fixed a rare crash bug where YAM crashed in DateStamp2String() due to a missing NULL pointer check.
  • added the missing folder icons to the supplied AISS theme which was complaining about these missing icons.
  • For empty IN pattern files the edit button will be disabled now. Only the popup button will be enabled to let the user select an existing pattern file.
  • fixed a bug in the mail parsing routines where it could have happened that YAM was parsing over the boundaries of a readable MIME part if the text contained many UTF8 convertable characters.

YAM 2.9

27 Apr 12:10
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  • implemented proper UTF-8 support for the whole index of a folder. This allows now to switch charsets without having to rescan a folder index.
  • implemented a completely new procedure to deal with timezone and daylight saving times as the old method were unable to identify the daylight saving time for past dates. Now the official timezone databases published by are used instead. This finally corrects the time display for old mails when DST times changes relative to the current date/time.
  • The main window layout (size+position) and list sorting options will now be automatically saved upon exiting YAM rather than forcing a user to explicitly 'snapshot' that information via the corresponding MUI functionality. An additional option in the configuration of YAM allow to disable this, thought.
  • Enforce disposing of all images if YAM is running on an 8 bit screen (excluding the Workbench) as soon as the image is no longer used. This works around a bug in picture.datatype which seems to keep a pointer to the screen the image was remapped to and accesses it later even if the screen no longer exists.
  • fixed the partly broken support for the Mail-Reply-To (MRT) and Mail-Followup-To (MFT) headers where YAM was not suggesting the right reply addresses according to the documentation of the MRT/MFT feature.
  • improved charset/codeset handling support when using external editors aware of UTF-8
  • fixed a problem where YAM was unable to create properly UTF-8 encoded emails.
  • when adding new filters YAM will now automatically jump to the bottom of the filter rule list.
  • To cleanup the main program directory of YAM all folder directories will be automatically moved to a new subdirectory named "Folders" in the user's mail directory (which defaults to YAM's program directory if not changed via ToolTypes or the user configuration). Possibly duplicate directory names get a unique number appended. To ease folder setup it is not possible anymore to select any arbitrary path for a folder, but only the directory name within the "Folders" directory.
  • The write window now features a small clone of the attachment list on the first page. A context menu allows to perform the same actions as for the big list on the second page.
  • Implemented an interactive attachment reminder feature as known from Thunderbird. If enabled and the user types in certain keywords from a user definable list and no attachment has been added to the mail a reminder will be shown to inform the user that an attachment might be desired.
  • Implemented an 'Archive' folder which move mails to a folder named after the mail's original send date. The archive folders are excluded from deleting old mails automatically to make sure the mails are really archived until the user explicitly deletes them.
  • implemented a new functionality to allow to define different 'incoming' and 'sent' folders per configured mail account (POP3/SMTP). This should allow to more easily and directly filter emails not requiring to explicitly define separate filters.
  • Fixed a bug which caused YAM to use the first matching address of a mail as user identity even if this address was the sending instead of the receiving one.
  • fixed a bug where the MAILINFO ARexx command caused a crash if the mail in question contained no message ID.
  • when opening a new window YAM will now set the title of a screen to the same title as well. This improves recognition of the currently active window as the screen titlebar will then automatically refer to YAM and thus make it possible that a user identifies by looking at the screen title bar which application is the currently active one.
  • fixed a buffer overrun in the RFC 2014 decoding routines which potentially caused unexpected crashes.
  • restored the behavior of previous versions when resolving the names of address book mailing lists. The new method added in YAM 2.8+ caused certain problems.
  • fixed the read/unread marking of mails which was not done for all columns of the mail list.
  • when checking for new mails YAM will now show "Checking mails from ..." rather than "Mail Transfer from ..." which was not entirely correct.
  • The position of the quick search bar is now configurable and allows the user to place the bar below the main mail list.
  • improved online documentation ( regarding the use of quotes when specifying file/directory paths.
  • changed the "jumping to the first unread and/or most recent message when entering a folder" functionality to be configurable on a per folder basis instead of a being a global option only.
  • The time and date information from the Date: header line will now be converted to local time if the usual "short" headers are shown. For full header display it will be shown as it is.
  • The entered search string is now automatically cloned between the different pages.
  • The output of the external archiver command can now be redirected optionally to a console window while the archiver is running to show the progress.
  • The single items of the list can now be activated immediately by pressing their number on the keyboard. "0" will be mapped to the 10th attachment.
  • All kinds of links (http(s), ftp, etc) will now be underlined as well.
  • deleting or archiving a single mail will now behave consistently in every situation and correctly respect the folder's current sort order.
  • any rule of a configured filter can now be removed or an additional one added in between instead of allowing only to add/delete rules to/from the bottom of the rule list.
  • The mail preselection list now shows the contents of the To: header line to let users spot unwanted mails easier.
  • Printing a mail will now include a list of attachments. Additionally the printout will no longer contain a plain copy of all header lines, but a stripped down version of subject sender, receiver and date.
  • implemented a NOICONS switch for the REQUESTFILE Arexx command which will open the corresponding file requester but hide and icons (#?.info files).
  • The Get and Send toolbar buttons will now be disabled in case there is no active POP3 or SMTP server available.
  • fixed a problem with not seeing a folder added to the folder list immediately.
  • address book entries can now be sorted by clicking on the list titles similar to the mail list of the main window.
  • fixed the LISTFREEZE and LISTUNFREEZE arexx commands to deal correctly with the Quiet settings of other YAM components.
  • PGP encrypted mails can now be excluded from a search to let in run unattended without the need to enter a password.
  • Mails dragged out of the spam folder will now be marked as non-spam in case the "mark on move" option is enabled.
  • implemented a new "Mail Account" column in the main mail list to be able to sort emails based on mail account/hostname a mail was received so that users can better order their mails due to the fact that since YAM 2.8 mails are now transferred asynchronously from multiple servers.
  • Searching user identities by address or ID will now correctly respect the identity's active state and return active identities only. In case a mail references an inactive user identity YAM will silently fall back to the next best matching identity.
  • Implemented a new option to trigger a snapshot action on all alive windows and to save the layout/state of certain groups and objects.
  • fixed a bug so that any edit operation in the quick search bar will now abort a search operation in progress.
  • fixed a problem when YAM was run for the very first time after an installation without any valid .config file. Opening the config window too early caused this window to be opened without any graphics from the default theme.
  • when changing a folder's path the global .folders file will be immediately saved to make the change persistent.
  • mails from the Trash folder are now excluded from the spam filter.
  • mail disposal is now protected by a reference counter. This makes it possible to move a mail to a different folder in concurrent processes while still accessing the same mail without accessing invalid or already freed memory. This fixes numerous different potential crash problems.
  • All SPAM filter related GUI elements will now be properly disabled if the SPAM filter is completely disabled as well.
  • fixed a crash bug when using the gravatar image search functionality on a never set address book entry.
  • the online ARexx documentation ( can now be directly accessed via the corresponding main menu item.
  • fixed a problem where html parts of a mail weren't forwarded to a web browser but saved to disk instead due to not using the right file extension.
  • added a fresh and updated finnish translation/catalog to YAM.
  • added a low memory handler to flush all folder indexes automatically if a system is about to run low on memory.
  • fixed a crash bug when in the write window the autosave functionality activates while typing.
  • when enabling the "detect cyrillic code sets" functionality YAM will now warn the user in case he has setup YAM to use a non-cyrillic code set for as the local charset.
  • significantly improved performance of parsing emails with large attachments. Now YAM will reuse the size parameter of each MIME part to speed up memory allocations during MIME parsing.
  • fixed a problem where editing a mail a second time added an additional superfluous white space to the mail body.

YAM 2.8p1

27 Apr 11:55
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  • updated translations for czech, greek, swedish, french, spanish, italian, turkish language.
  • fixed an issue related to BetterString.mcc which cause YAM to crash.
  • extended the ADDRLOAD command to take a second parameter OPEN/S to immediately open then address book window after the address book file has been loaded successfully.
  • added a new option in the hidden section of the configuration. Setting the option "OverrideFromAddress" to "Y" will add a recipient string object below the identity chooser in the write window. The contents default to the chosen identity's address but can be modified freely. This makes it possible to use a different From: address than the one configured in the identity while still using all other settings like the SMTP server.
  • renamed the 'Bounce' mail functionality for redirecting emails to alternative recipients to 'Redirect' as that better reflects the purpose of this functionality and should not confuse users anymore. Also adapted the functionality to add all well-known Resent-#? headers to redirected emails. This should adapt YAM to be somehwat more RFC compliant. Furthermore, a Resent-CC and Resent-BCC can now be specified. In addition, YAM will now allow to bounce to multiple emails in one operation. That means, a user can now select more than one mail in the mail listview and when a redirect operation is performed YAM will redirect all of these mails in one run.
  • fixed bug where hidden Cc, BCC or Reply-To string gadgets could have ended up at wrong positions when hiding/showing them dynamically in the write window.
  • fixed a bug where 'new' mail was never changed to 'unread' status if it was moved to a subfolder. Now the index of all folders carrying 'new' mail will be loaded and the status adapted accordingly.
  • fixed a problem where under certain setups the automatically chosen full qualified domain name (FQDN) was unluckily chosen and thus mail sending being rejected when using YAM. Now YAM should use a better mechanism and even let you override the FQDN using a new hidden 'MachineFQDN' option.
  • fixed a crash where it could have happened that YAM accessed an invalid memory location when creating a new mail.
  • added a new 'WRITEIDENTITY' ARexx command to let a script choose the user identity to be used when composing a new mail via ARexx.
  • fixed a bug where the signature settings of a folder got lost when updating from YAM versions <= 2.7 to 2.8
  • fixed a crash when entering certain text in the CC string gadget of a write window.
  • fixed some problems with the new Drafts folder managment where emails could end up duplicated. In addition, the 'Hold' button has been renamed to 'Save to Drafts' to better differentate between the operations.
  • fixed a bug where the number of mails in the outgoing folder was not correctly set when a mail was moved by mail filter operation.
  • fixed a bug where the From: address was not properly restored when the hidden "OverrideFromAddress" option had been used.
  • fixed a bug where keeping the write window open for a while could suddenly crash YAM.
  • fixed some crashes related to virtual email display (e.g. opening .eml attachments).
  • fixed a bug in the mail header parsing routines where a header line starting with a newline cause problems.
  • fixed a memory trashing problem where toolbar images of different sizes cause some memory leaks within TheButton.mcc.
  • fixed a bug where resaving a mail in the drafts folder caused the mail active/inactive state to get messed up.
  • modified remote filters to be applied when getting the single message details. This makes it possible to let the filters check all available information but it also requires the user to wait until the details of all new mails have been received. Otherwise it could have happened that some mails were not received although they should be filtered out.
  • fixed a crash bug when deleting a folder group.
  • fixed some incorrect dimensions of certain theme images.

YAM 2.8

27 Apr 11:50
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  • updated translations for czech, french, german, italian, swedish, spanish, turkish and english-british language.
  • integration of online documentation system and removal of obsolete amigaguides, see
  • general performance improvements and general bug fixing.
  • moved CC and BCC as well as Reply-To: address field from separate "Options" tab to the first page of the write window and made it user-configurable.
  • integrated a multi-identity system which allows to define an unlimited number of identities and link SMTP servers to each identity so that different settings per identity are possible (including different signatures).
  • implemented unlimited signature support through new multi-identity system integrated in YAM.
  • multiple and unlimited SMTP-Server support. Now users can define any number of SMTP servers and link them to the new identity management system.
  • implemented new "Drafts" folder system to allow to put autosave files as well as storing mails on hold into a separate folder commonly used in other mail clients.
  • All Themes, Certificates, user configurable Spamfilters and the Gallery directory are now per default stored in a PROGDIR:Resources sub directory to not clutter the PROGDIR: directory too much. In future more and more user configurable setting directories will move there, too.
  • YAM will now trust certain external SPAM filter engines (e.ġ. Spamassassin) when retrieving external emails and trying to identify SPAM. Own external spam filter rules can now be configured in PROGDIR:Resources/Spamfilters if necessary.
  • Added full SSL certificate authentication support. If connecting to an SSL secured mail server (POP3/SMTP) YAM will now verify the certificate and compare it against official certificate chains. If a certificate is identified to be not trustable a warning will be presented to the user autosave mails now contain receivers and sender information so that upon recovering those mails the full entered information is presented again.
  • Full support for the new "Mail-Followup-To:" and "Mail-Reply-To:" header fields which are commonly used for mailing lists.
  • Sent mails can now be replied as well.
  • implemented own mail download intervals per POP3 server along with individual mail size limits per POP3 server.
  • implemented new arexx command to search for messages via message ID.
  • added a string gadget to the "no subject warning requester" so that a missing subject can be immediately be added.
  • improved Daylight Saving recognition and removed irritating DST switching warnings for systems known to behave correctly when DST are switched.
  • large restructuring of the configuration GUI to match new identity and multiple SMTP feature. In addition, things belonging to the Look&Feel of the GUI had been moved to the corresponding config item.
  • fixed certain PGP related problems causing signature check failures.
  • fixed a bunch of problems related to the autocompletion features in the recipient string objects of the write window.
  • lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind: one year of development was put into YAM 2.8!) :)

YAM 2.7

27 Apr 11:42
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  • updated translations for czech, french, german, greek, italian, swedish and spanish language.
  • updated amigaguide documentation for spanish.
  • general performance improvements and general bug fixing.
  • when text in a read window is selected and the user presses "reply", the reply will only contain the selected text rather than all.
  • the column width of the preselection window can now be saved with MUI's own snapshot functionality.
  • closing YAM while a write window is open is possible now. However, a confirmation requester is now presented to the user.
  • YAM will now recognize incompatible mail file formats when importing.
  • added a direct menu item to the amiga guide documentation of YAM.
  • completely removed the anonymous mailing feature as there aren't any anon remailer services anymore that are not abused for junk mail.
  • changed YAM to have the SPAM folder available by default. Everyone should use a SPAM filter nowadays.
  • the online check feature in YAM can now accept multiple interfaces by using a comma separated list of interface names.
  • implemented an additional ARexx command to let YAM restart itself.
  • the crop attachment requester can now be suppressed by a hidden config option.
  • statistics on new/unread mails will now also be shown for folder groups.
  • When using the "Check for Update" menu item YAM will now directly respond instead of always keeping itself silent.
  • a potential "mailto:" in front of an email address will now be automatically stripped.
  • the way mails are forwarded (either inlined or as attachment) can now be chosen from the various menus in YAM.
  • implemented option to suppress the final mail filter requester.
  • implemented possibility to automatically run a script before and after YAM starts or is finished with mail filtering operations.
  • multiple files can now be selected when try to import mails.
  • the preselection window functionality can now be set for each account separately.
  • changed the remote filter to be applicable on a per-POP3 account basis.
  • when moving a mail graphically from one folder to another and that folder is within a closed node, the listtree will now automatically open that node.
  • completly reworked the functionaliyt which converts html mails to plain text. Now soft styles (bold/italic, etc.) are shown and the conversion should show much prettier results.
  • in case a folder is renamed mail filters will be automatically adapt to that change.
  • changed all folder list displays to show a hierarchical listtree rather than a plain list. This should make the whole folder display more intuitive.
  • reworked/fixed the recipientstring in the write window to be somewhat more intuitive in showing actual found hits.
  • to save memory indexes of custom folders will now be automatically expunged in case they haven't been access for certain minutes.
  • changed birthday reminder to be non-blocking and to be able to snapshot the position and size of it. Furthermore, YAM will now rememeber if the reminder was already shown and don't popup the same requester again at the same day if it is restarted.
  • significantly improved performance of string searches (to search for mails) by implementation of Boyer/Moore Search algorithms.
  • finally YAMs' internals are fully multithreaded. That means many things within YAM are now changed to work without blocking the GUI interface. This includes the TCP/IP routines which are now running in separate threads/processes rather than blocking the main GUI during a mail transfer. Furthermore, this was a mandatory thing for being able to implement
    IMAP support in the somewhat near future.
  • lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind: more than 2 years of development was put into YAM 2.7!) :)

YAM 2.6p1

27 Apr 11:38
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YAM 2.6p1 (bugfix release):

  • improved general stability by having fixed several memory leaks, important bugs and situations where YAM crashed under certain circumstances.
  • fixed the tons of "empty" themes warnings in case NOIMAGEWARNING tooltype or a themes "NoImageWarning" option is set.
  • fixed the "Jump on XXX" config settings to better interact with each other.
  • fixed keyboard usage (cursor left/right) to switch between the folder and mail list.
  • fixed some endianess cases so that the AROS build for i386 works more smoothly.
  • fixed the spam filter to handle its 'inactive' state better and not reset all values anymore on that occassion. Now it is possibile to turn off the SPAM filter all together.
  • fixed display of the poppen objects for MUI 3.8 installations.
  • the attachment show window will now display the mail part description in a separate column.
  • fixed problems with important mails containing X-Status: and Status: as local headers.
  • fixed bug in the "avoid duplicates" functionality which caused that not all mails have been shown in a preselection window.
  • updated the included AISS based theme to require at least AISS 4.8
  • fixed the mail attachment management to not use internal file names for the "Content-Disposition" header of attachments.
  • fixed mail search functionality to correctly handle mail header searches.
  • fixed XPK packer scanning to show all installed packers correctly.
  • fixed the startup to handle multi user installation more smoothly.
  • fixed the installation script to get the installation going again.

YAM 2.6

27 Apr 11:33
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  • updated translations for czech, french, german, greek, italian and swedish language.
  • updated default theme images by Martin 'Mason' Merz.
  • added import and export functions for alien address books (i.e. XML files as used by SimpleMail).
  • AmigaOS4.1's new notification system will can used to inform the user about new received mails.
  • improved handling of header lines in general and especially malformed header lines by certain Microsoft software.
  • improved download and export speed of mails by optimizing the amount of data shown on the screen. Overall the speed increased about 200%.
  • improved the spam handling by treating the user's address book as a white list.
  • rewritten RFC2047 and RFC2822 routines to match the current RFC recommendations.
  • individual character sets can now be configured for reading and writing mails instead of having one character set for all actions.
  • improved ARexx command handling and extended command set.
  • all error messages which occured during a mail transfer now include the account name to make it easier to spot the faulty account in case a user has more than one account at the same provider.
  • mail attachments are displayed as a scrollable virtual group to be able to show an unlimited number of files.
  • all balance object use the new NBalance.mcc class which supports custom mouse pointers.
  • foreign characters with a mail may be converted to either "?" or similar look alike characters.
  • reduced overall stack usage by using dynamically allocated memory when needed.
  • the text font and style can be configured independently for reading and writing mails .
  • the spam training data can be optimized to keep the data base small by removing very rarely used word.
  • made the date scanning of birthdays locale aware.
  • added various AROS versions (i386, ppc, x86_64).
  • added NOSPLASHWINDOW tooltype to start/quit YAM silently.
  • on AmigaOS4.1 the new URL: device will be preferred over openurl.library to invoke a browser.
  • lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind: more than 2 years of development was put into YAM 2.6!) :)

YAM 2.5

27 Apr 11:27
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YAM 2.5 not only uses newer configuration files, the files used to store separate emails are named differently as well. Therefore, before you start the installation script to overwrite your existing installation, it's strongly recommended that you create a backup of your old YAM installation, including all folders and configuration files. Afterwards you can install
the update into your old YAM directory if you wish. On start-up, YAM 2.5 will automatically convert your old configuration files to the new 2.5 format, and after being started, YAM will rename your old emails as necessary, always under your control. It is also recommended that you re-save your configuration as soon as possible in order to update your .config file to the new format, which will reveal all the new options available.


  • lots (>800) of bug fixes and large general stability improvements (e.g. using buffer overflow safe string functions).
  • ported YAM to AmigaOS4 as a fully PowerPC (PPC) native optimized version.
  • generally improved the compliance to accepted internet RFC (Request for Comments) standards (e.g. RFC2822, RFC2047, RFC2045, etc.).
  • new optional embedded read pane for reading emails directly in the main window instead of having to open separate read windows.
  • new optional search bar for quickly searching for emails or sorting e-mails by categories directly in the main window.
  • improved GUI feedback during mail transfers (e.g. for solving the [Abort] button issues when transferring mails).
  • new automatic conversion of readable HTML mail parts to plain text via an intelligent flex scanner engine.
  • completely reworked charset (codeset) handling which now uses codesets.library instead (e.g. for full support of UTF-8 mails)
  • added support for AmiSSL v3 library (SSL/TLS encryption).
  • YAM now supports full SMTP SSLv3 compatibility and the authentication method used by SMTP AUTH is now user definable to work around servers that claim to support methods they can't actually handle.
  • removed the max. 100 filter limit; also, filters are no longer limited to 2 rules each.
  • all functions that will cause the info bar to show a progress gauge will allow to abort the operation via a new "X" button now (e.g. cancel a filtering operation).
  • added general support for AmiDock (AmigaOS4 only).
  • forwarding an email is now possible either by inlining the mail text (old way) or now per default by attaching the forwarded mail.
  • an unlimited number of read windows can now be opened in case the "multiple windows" option is enabled.
  • completely reworked TCP/IP backend which generally works with non-blocking I/O for increased performance and reliability.
  • integrated SPAM filter engine (bayesian based; ported from Thunderbird) which will adapt itself over the time (AKA: learning SPAM filter).
  • new themes management which allows users to create own public themes to easily provide YAM a completely new image set in a standardised way.
  • new automatic online update functionality to inform the user in case new updates for YAM are available.
  • attachments are now listed in a separate auto-sizable group at the bottom of the Read window or embedded read pane, complete with interactive icons (via DefIcons), context menus and some related data. Drag&Drop operations to Workbench also automatically decode the attachment to the dropped location.
  • improved context menu support for folder and mail list as well as added context menu support for new embedded read pane to shield all functionality of a normal Read window.
  • changed keyboard shortcuts for all menus to be fixed throughout all languages. This allows to switch languages without having to learn hotkeys again.
  • improved UIDL support to better avoid duplicate mails when downloading via POP3.
  • reworked MIME type management, removing the old internal limit of max. 100 MIME types, rendering binary identification redundant and finally making YAM fully compliant with RFC2231.
  • added support to import/export address book data via standard formats like LDIF, CSV, TSV (comma/tab separated values).
  • added support to directly import mails from Outlook Express (DBX).
  • added functionality to flag a mail as 'read' after a certain time interval.
  • notification sound files are played asynchronously now.
  • changed the toolbar implementation to use TheBar.mcc instead which is more user configurable and supports 32bit alpha channel images as well.
  • implemented own image caching mechanism with full support for 32bit alpha channel images to be used within YAM (requires an up2date picture.datatype and proper PNG datatype in your system).
  • improved autosave functionality for write windows which automatically saves backups of the currently edited message and informs a user during startup in case such a backuped file was found (e.g. due to a crash).
  • From: and Reply-To: headers can contain multiple e-mail addresses now.
  • updated configuration user interface to be more structured and briefly list what the purpose of a config page is.
  • general speed improvements when searching for mails with the normal folder wide search functionality.
  • the META data of mail files are not stored in the file comments anymore, but encoded in the filename of mails instead. This shields the advantage that mail files can be stored on file systems not supporting comments now (e.g. NFS). This also makes YAM partly compatible to the 'maildir' standard.
  • added support for the proprietary "Status:" and "X-Status:" header values when importing/exporting mails.
  • general speed improvements where a too frequent redraw of a gauge gadget caused the application to perform badly.
  • improved deletion of temporary files upon quitting YAM. Stale temporary files should be automatically deleted now or the user will be warned accordingly when quitting YAM.
  • now handles gracefully "7-bit", "8-bit" and "plain" as Content-Transfer-Encoding to support flawed mailers that keep violating the RFCs.
  • very large strings that don't fit in the title bar of the Read window have now trailing dots ("...") appended at the end of the displayable part.
  • when changing the subject in a write window the title bar will immediately be adapted to that change.
  • the user will be now consulted when an unknown file is found in a mail folder. Useful to e.g. quickly copy a certain e-mail without resorting to importing.
  • now checks if the "(a)rchived" bit has been set on both the .index file and on the mail directory and if so it doesn't rebuild the index despite the modified time stamps, assuming the user has simply used a backup program.
  • user images in the Read window are now scaled as appropriate and thus no longer need a scroll bar.
  • YAM shows a short help information in case it is started with "?" from the command-line.
  • for safety, holding the key down will only delete exactly one email now.
  • added support for "multipart/alternative" mails. Just the respective plain text mail text is shown instead of showing both, an existing HTML and plain text part at the same time (This is what the RFC suggests).
  • by default, the folder list now uses bold and grey text to mark folders with new and unread email, respectively; in addition, if the columns listing the number of new or unread emails are turned off, this number will be shown between parentheses right after the folder name, but this is all user definable.
  • improved URL highlighting in read windows according to RFC3986.
  • when the "Exchange mail" feature is invoked, YAM now first downloads new mail to avoid clashing with servers using the "SMTP-after-POP3" security feature.
  • removed the possibility to download user images from the old YAM user gallery as that part of the web page no longer exists and is considered obsolete.
  • user selected headers in the "Read" page of the configuration are now printed in the same order the user typed them when the Read window is displaying "short headers".
  • by default, the "short headers" string gadget in the Read configuration now also lists the CC: and BCC: headers.
  • searches in the address book don't need AmigaDOS wildcards anymore, the input is always considered partial now.
  • all mail transfers speeds are now listed as KB/s rather than the old-fashioned characters per second (cps) unit, which is largely what you want in today's DSL times.
  • soft style markers (e.g. bold) in the text editor are now displayed to make it possible to correctly mark & copy the text from the editor; in addition, support for the old "" and "" markers has been dropped as they aren't standard, though they are still interpreted if they are detected in an e-mail. But you are suggested to not use them anymore!
  • soft styles can now be only applied on a word by word basis and never several at once to a single word. This is more the way today's e-mail clients work and expect text passages to be highlighted.
  • no longer switches to the Outgoing folder before sending e-mail.
  • double-clicking an e-mail in the Outgoing folder now opens a Write window to edit it immediately.
  • dropped the "Return-Receipt-To:" header and made YAM compliant with the general message disposition notification (MDN) framework of RFC3798.
  • now gracefully handles SMTP servers that don't bother replying with a positive status code after getting a QUIT command from the client before actually dropping the connection (GoogleMail), clearly violating RFC2821.
  • removed support for user-definable quotation marks as this causes more trouble than it's worth; now it will always use "> " which is more or less a standard.
  • now uses the more common "[Fwd: Subject]" form instead of "Subject (fwd)" to mark forwarded email subjects.
  • each mail folder can now have assigned its own intro and close phrases, overriding the defaults set in the configuration.
  • all the images are now loaded via system datatypes, and PNG is considered the default image format.
  • a double-cli...
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YAM 2.4p1

27 Apr 11:18
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This is an incremental update that fixes some last minute bugs introduced in YAM 2.4. You need a complete YAM 2.4 installation (AmigaOS or MorphOS) for this update to be of any use to you.


  • Fixed: failed to quote messages containing attachments (damato)
  • Fixed: the "Abbreviation" string gadget in the Glossary reset itself to "- new -" every time the contents were deleted (damato)
  • Fixed: it could happen that a temporary letter file was used for several Write windows at once (damato)
  • Fixed: would try to delete an inexistant ".autosave0" file if the AutoSave option was set to 0 (damato)
  • Fixed: couldn't exit if ConfirmOnQuit was enabled and YAM was iconified (damato)
  • Fixed: the HIDE option prevented the application from popping up if MUI's own appicon or the commodity system were used (damato)
  • Fixed: the FOLDERINFO ARexx command returned the wrong ID number for folders containing "sent and received" mail (damato)
  • Fixed: changing the folder type failed to refresh the message list (damato)
  • Fixed: forgot to pack messages when they were imported into compressed folders, causing all sort of calamity (damato)
  • Fixed: folders that "lost" their directory were automatically recreated as folders of type "outgoing" (damato)
  • Fixed: cancelling the password requester in the folder settings window would create a folder protected with an empty password (damato)
  • Fixed: the "Export..." item in the popup menu would export the whole folder contents (damato)
  • Fixed: the "check signature" menuitem in the read window was sometimes disabled even if the mail had a signature to check. (damato)
  • Fixed: the "save decrypted message" menuitem within the read window didn`t correctly work within a compressed/encrypted folder.
  • Changed: it is now actually compatible with the most common MBOX formats, e.g. MBOXRD (damato)
  • Changed: added support for the DST variable created by Facts, rendering SummerTimeGuard emulation obsolete (damato)
  • Changed: no longer disables the pattern field in the ASL file requester opened to attach files (damato)
  • Changed: no longer complains if it can't save ENVARC:mui/YAM.cfg on exit (damato)
  • Added: new hidden option "AutoColumnResize" for YAM to resize the NList columns when switching folders if the option is enabled, which it is by default (damato)
  • Added: confirmation requester before cropping attachments (damato)