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This is an incremental update that fixes some last minute bugs introduced in YAM 2.4. You need a complete YAM 2.4 installation (AmigaOS or MorphOS) for this update to be of any use to you.


  • Fixed: failed to quote messages containing attachments (damato)
  • Fixed: the "Abbreviation" string gadget in the Glossary reset itself to "- new -" every time the contents were deleted (damato)
  • Fixed: it could happen that a temporary letter file was used for several Write windows at once (damato)
  • Fixed: would try to delete an inexistant ".autosave0" file if the AutoSave option was set to 0 (damato)
  • Fixed: couldn't exit if ConfirmOnQuit was enabled and YAM was iconified (damato)
  • Fixed: the HIDE option prevented the application from popping up if MUI's own appicon or the commodity system were used (damato)
  • Fixed: the FOLDERINFO ARexx command returned the wrong ID number for folders containing "sent and received" mail (damato)
  • Fixed: changing the folder type failed to refresh the message list (damato)
  • Fixed: forgot to pack messages when they were imported into compressed folders, causing all sort of calamity (damato)
  • Fixed: folders that "lost" their directory were automatically recreated as folders of type "outgoing" (damato)
  • Fixed: cancelling the password requester in the folder settings window would create a folder protected with an empty password (damato)
  • Fixed: the "Export..." item in the popup menu would export the whole folder contents (damato)
  • Fixed: the "check signature" menuitem in the read window was sometimes disabled even if the mail had a signature to check. (damato)
  • Fixed: the "save decrypted message" menuitem within the read window didn`t correctly work within a compressed/encrypted folder.
  • Changed: it is now actually compatible with the most common MBOX formats, e.g. MBOXRD http://www.qmail.org/man/man5/mbox.html (damato)
  • Changed: added support for the DST variable created by Facts, rendering SummerTimeGuard emulation obsolete (damato)
  • Changed: no longer disables the pattern field in the ASL file requester opened to attach files (damato)
  • Changed: no longer complains if it can't save ENVARC:mui/YAM.cfg on exit (damato)
  • Added: new hidden option "AutoColumnResize" for YAM to resize the NList columns when switching folders if the option is enabled, which it is by default (damato)
  • Added: confirmation requester before cropping attachments (damato)
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