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YAM 2.9p1

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@jens-maus jens-maus released this 27 Apr 12:12
· 921 commits to master since this release

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  • fixed a thread safety issue which resulted in GUI operations being executed not from the main YAM thread but from a different thread. This caused MUI to popup a warning under certain circumstances when downloading mails.
  • switched the whole catalog translation mechanism from manually submitting translated .ct files to the use of the free services of Now translators can freely use the services of and submit translations online via
  • Slightly changed the logical of the mail reply action in terms of mailing lists. YAM will now directly reply to the Mail-Followup-To header entry if a matching mailing list is found. In addition, the SHIFT key will now make sure that a reply will always end up at the sender of a mail. Contrary to that, pressing the ALT key will directly reply to all (e.g. the mailing list).
  • fixed the folder conversion routines to not loose connection to the destination folder in case of a move-to-folder operation.
  • fixed a problem where the installer script failed on AmigaOS3 with "Unmatched parenthesis in line 885"
  • fixed a minor cosmetic bug where the wrong config page titles were displayed.
  • fixed the signature text editor to not parse the signature text via the ParseEmailText() function as otherwise the text styles end up in mixing up a specified signature.
  • fixed the incorrect conversion of filters from older YAM versions when using an AND combination of rules.
  • fixed a problem with the "Content-Disposition:" MIME header line which was set to 'inline' for plain text attachments. This cause problems with some mail clients (e.g. Apple Mail) which always displayed these attachments as part of the mail text not allowing to save them as separate attachments.
  • fixed a bug where quoted real names in an email address string was incorrectly added to YAMs emailcache mechanism.
  • fixed a bug where upon creating a new addressbook group new entries couldn't be inserted into that group until a reload of the addressbook had been performed.
  • fixed a bug which prevented the user images in the address book and mail information part of the read window from working on MorphOS.
  • fixed a bug where the display name of standard mail folders (e.g. incoming) couldn't be changed.
  • fixed a minor bug regarding the transparency settings of the donate image in the About window of YAM.
  • Mails put on "hold" by older versions of YAM without a dedicated Drafts folder will now be moved from the Outgoing folder to the Drafts folder upon startup to avoid being sent out by accident.
  • fixed a bug where a setting the disabled state of filter rules always cause to set complete disabled state of the whole filter.
  • fixed a minor bug in the MAILCHECK Arexx command where the STEM variables weren't correctly initialized.
  • fixed a long standing bug where a Drag&Drop operation from a mail to the address book didn't actually add the address to the drop position.
  • modified the Cc and BCC text fields to be actually localizable by translators.
  • Fixed a bug where the small attachment list in the first tab of the write window wasn't updated if attachments were added in the 'attachments' tab.
  • Downloading an update archive will now always show the transfer window to inform the user about the download's progress no matter what if the transfer window is configured to be invisible for mail transfers.
  • the online ARexx documentation ( can now be directly accessed via the corresponding main menu item.
  • reworked the Installer script to check for a running instance of YAM. If that is the case then the user is prompted to terminate that instance to make sure that no files which might get overwritten during the installation are locked. After the installation a reboot is recommended to ensure that updated libraries and classes are really flushed from memory.
  • fixed a rare crash bug where YAM crashed in DateStamp2String() due to a missing NULL pointer check.
  • added the missing folder icons to the supplied AISS theme which was complaining about these missing icons.
  • For empty IN pattern files the edit button will be disabled now. Only the popup button will be enabled to let the user select an existing pattern file.
  • fixed a bug in the mail parsing routines where it could have happened that YAM was parsing over the boundaries of a readable MIME part if the text contained many UTF8 convertable characters.