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Documentation ARexxAPI ADDRFIND

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NAME:: AddrFind -- Find one or more entries in the address book. (V2.0)


FUNCTION:: Finds one or more entries in the address book, searching by default in the "Alias", "Real name", "E-mail address", "Description", "Street", "City" and "Country" fields.

INPUTS:: VAR/K- variable to store the results of the query\ STEM/K- base name used for the stems where the aliases for the address book entries matching the query will be stored\ PATTERN/A - pattern used as search criterion; all the AmigaDOS wildcard characters are supported\ NAMEONLY/S- restrict the search to the "Real name" field of the entries in the address book\ EMAILONLY/S- restrict the search to the "E-mail address" field of the entries in the address book\

RETURNS:: VAR - string containing the number of entries matching the query and a space separated list of the matching aliases.\ <stem>ALIAS.COUNT - number of matches found\ <stem>ALIAS.NR- the nth alias in the list of aliases matching the query, nr being a number between 0 and n-1.\

 `RC` is set to 5 if no match is found.

NOTES:: Aliases are returned in the order they appear in the address book.

EXAMPLE:: {{{#!arexx /* Enable result codes */ OPTIONS RESULTS

/* Find all the entries using a given provider */ ADDRFIND PATTERN '#?' STEM st. EMAILONLY

/* List results */ IF RC = 0 THEN DO i = 0 TO st.alias.count-1 SAY 'Match #'i+1': 'st.alias.i END ELSE SAY 'No matches found.' EXIT }}}

BUGS:: AddrFind can't search into the "Alias" or "Description" fields of groups.



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