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Documentation ARexxAPI ADDRNEW

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NAME:: AddrNew -- Create a new entry in the address book. (V2.0)


FUNCTION:: Creates a new entry in the address book and inserts it below the last active entry. If the address book window has not yet been opened in the current session, the new entry will be added below the first entry.

INPUTS:: VAR/K - variable where the alias of the resulting entry will be stored\ STEM/K - base name used for the stem where the alias of the resulting entry will be stored\ TYPE - type of entry, may be one of G (group), L (distribution list) or P (person, the default value)\ ALIAS - alias for the new entry\ NAME - real name for the new entry\ EMAIL - email address for the new entry\

RETURNS:: VAR - alias of the resulting entry\ <STEM>ALIAS - alias of the resulting entry\

NOTES:: At least one of ALIAS, NAME or EMAIL should be specified. Bogus types are simply ignored.

 If the provided alias exists already, a new alias will be used
 instead by taking the supplied string and adding a trailing
 number until no clash is produced.  String limits are also taken
 into account.

 If no alias is provided, one will be created automatically by
 using a cut-down version of the `NAME` or `EMAIL` arguments; for
 instance, "Jose Luis Feliciano" would turn into `J_Feliciano`,
 or `Jose` if `` was the only argument provided.
 The rule mentioned above is also applied.

 If the address book window is closed at the time the new entry
 is added, it won't count as a change in the address book, which
 means you won't be warned if you try to quit YAM afterwards
 without saving the address book.

 While using spaces in aliases is possible, it is discouraged.

EXAMPLE:: {{{#!arexx /* Create a new group */ ADDRNEW G 'Singers'

 /* Create a new distribution list */
 ADDRNEW L 'Spanish'




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