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Documentation ARexxAPI FOLDERINFO

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NAME:: FolderInfo -- Return information about a folder. (V2.0)


FUNCTION:: Returns information about the specified folder, or the current folder if none is specified.

INPUTS:: VAR/K - variable where the results will be stored\ STEM/K - base name used for the stems where the returned data will be stored\ FOLDER - name or path of the folder we want to get info about; if no folder is specified, the current folder will be used (V2.2)\

RETURNS:: VAR - string with a space separated list of the results of the query\ <STEM>NUMBER - position of the folder in the folder list; the folder at the top is in slot 0\ <STEM>NAME - name of the folder as shown in the folder list\ <STEM>PAT - path of the folder, e.g. "incoming"\ <STEM>TOTAL - total number of messages in the folder\ <STEM>NEW - number of new messages in the folder\ <STEM>UNREAD - number of unread messages in the folder\ <STEM>SIZE - size of the folder, in bytes\ <STEM>TYPE - type of folder (V2.3), possible values are: - 0 - normal - 1 - incoming - 2 - outgoing - 3 - sent (for the default "Sent" folder) - 4 - deleted - 5 - sent and received - 6 - sent

 `RC` is set to 10 if the specified folder cannot be found.


EXAMPLE:: {{{#!arexx /* Enable result codes */ OPTIONS RESULTS

 /* Request info */
 FOLDERINFO 'Incoming' STEM fi.

 /* Display results */
 SAY 'Folder number:   'fi.number
 SAY 'Folder name:     '
 SAY 'Path:            'fi.path
 SAY 'Total messages:  '
 SAY 'New messages:    '
 SAY 'Unread messages: 'fi.unread
 SAY 'Total size:      'fi.size
 SAY 'Type:            'fi.type




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