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YAM is distributed in six LhA archives:

  • YAM2x-AmigaOS4.lha – YAM for AmigaOS 4
  • YAM2x-AmigaOS3.lha – YAM for AmigaOS 3
  • YAM2x-MorphOS.lha – YAM for MorphOS
  • YAM2x-AROS-i386.lha – YAM for AROS-i386
  • YAM2x-AROS-ppc.lha – YAM for AROS-ppc
  • YAM2x-AROS-x86_64.lha – YAM for AROS-x86_64

with 'x' being the revision of the YAM2 version.

Installation by using the installer

Open the Install folder, double-click the Install-YAM icon and follow the instructions given by the installer. If you have already installed an older version of YAM, please restart your Amiga after the installation of YAM.

Manual installation

If you don't have the Amiga Installer or for some reason you are unable or unwilling to use it, proceed as follows:

  1. Copy the whole YAM 2.x directory path to your destination directory.
  2. Copy all MUI libraries (mcc/mcp) from the directory Install/MUI to MUI:libs/MUI.
  3. Copy all Libraries located in the Install/Libs directory to LIBS:
  4. Delete the Install directory within the YAM 2.x path as you don't need it anymore.
  5. Reboot your System and start YAM from the new path by doubleclicking its icon.


Getting Started


Advanced use of YAM



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