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Startup options

YAM supports some startup options, which can be used both from the Shell and as Workbench tooltypes.

USER= Selects the active YAM user. This way you can skip the login procedure on startup in case you've created multiple users.

PASSWORD= This is the password for the selected user (see above). It serves to avoid the password request on startup, but bear in mind that storing the password in a tooltype poses an obvious security risk. Also, the password is case sensitive.

MAILDIR= Sets the home directory for the folders and configuration files. In YAM 1.3.x this option was used to implement multi-user support; YAM 2.x sets the home directory for each user in the user configuration.

PREFSFILE= Configuration file that should be used. Default is /.config.

HIDE Starts YAM in iconified mode.

NOCHECK Starts YAM without trying to download/send new mail nor check birthdays on startup. Useful if you are starting YAM from a web browser, for example.

DEBUG This option sends the conversation between YAM and the mail server to a console window. This is a very valuable tool if the connection to your mail server keeps failing.

MAILTO= Creates a new message for the specified recipients on startup. You can use not only a full email address, but also an alias or a real name that can be found in your address book, as YAM will expand them as appropriate. Use commas to separate each recipient.

 Example:  MAILTO="Marcel Beck, damato,

SUBJECT= Sets the subject for the new message (see MAILTO).

LETTER= The text file containing the letter you want to send (see MAILTO).

ATTACH= Attaches a file to the new message (see MAILTO).

A couple of examples:

        YAM USER Tom PASSWORD secret HIDE\\
        YAM NOCHECK MAILTO ", YAMOS-dev, John Doe" SUBJECT "Bug Report" ATTACH "ram:debug.txt"\\


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