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Mailing lists

A mailing list is an automated distribution of emails to a group of subscribed people. Mailing lists are commonly used for software developers to announce changes to their program to those users who have opted to subscribe to the mailing list. Mailing lists also allow multiple subscribers to communicate with each other without any member needing to bother with remembering everyone else's email address. Since several years YAM used several mailing lists to make communication with our users easier.

For the YAM project we have set up several mailing lists. Please find a list attached.

For End-Users

yam-user is the general end-user mailing list YAM.

Important: Please use the [/newticket bugtracker] to report bug reports. This is the main mailing list of YAM. Use this list to get in touch with other users and us it to discuss about YAM and to get help from other users. This user-based list is here for everybody to exchange their ideas and solutions. Every interested person is welcome to subscribe and contribute. If you are unsure if you should subscribe or not you can also take a look at the corresponding mailing list archive.

For Developers

yam-dev is the mailing list for YAM developers.

Maybe you would like to contribute to the YAM open source project in any manner and help a little bit? Then this mailing list is the right place for you. Even if you do not want to contribute, but just want to have a peek at what is going on inside, you can take a look at the mailing list archive.

yam-svn is the mailing list for developers wanting to receive automatically generated notifies.

By subscribing to this list, interested developers might receive all automatically generated messages of source code changes (commits) to the YAM subversion repository. In addition, the list will also receive bug tracker reports as soon as someone will post a bug report to our bugtracker. Please note that if you subscribe to this list you will not be able to send anything yourself to the list - so it is read only. Please also note that these messages may contain source code and very technical information which may just be interesting for actual developers of YAM.


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