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jekyll-reveal is a template for the site generator Jekyll to create presentations with the framework revleal.js in a very easy way. You can even specify options in the YAML front matter of Jekyll.

Currently the submodule of reveal.js points to the 2.6.1 release.


  $ gem install jekyll  
  $ git clone --recursive
  $ cd jekyll-reveal
  $ jekyll serve --watch

Aferwards you can point your favorite browser to http://localhost:4000/

Create a new slide

New slides are created in the directory _slides. The index page updates automatically. Take a look at the example slides.

YAML front matter

jekyll-reveal extends the YAML front matter of Jekyll. You can specify all available configuration options provided by reveal.js in the YAML front-matter. The default values are set in _config.yml.


title: Test slide 2
description: Show slide numbers
  theme: moon
  slideNumber: true

Available options:

Option Description Default
theme The theme to use for the slide (any theme in the directory /reveal.js/css/theme/) default
controls Display controls in the bottom right corner true
progress Display a presentation progress bar true
slideNumber Display the page number of the current slide false
history Push each slide change to the browser history false
keyboard Enable keyboard shortcuts for navigation true
overview Enable the slide overview mode true
center Vertical centering of slides true
touch Enables touch navigation on devices with touch input true
loop Loop the presentation false
rtl Change the presentation direction to be RTL false
fragments Turns fragments on and off globally true
embedded Flags if the presentation is running in an embedded mode, Flags if the presentation is running in an embedded mode, false
autoSlide Number of milliseconds between automatically proceeding to the next slide, disabled when set to 0, this value can be overwritten by using a data-autoslide attribute on your slides 0
autoSlideStoppable Stop auto-sliding after user input true
mouseWheel Enable slide navigation via mouse wheel false
hideAddressBar Hides the address bar on mobile devices true
previewLinks Opens links in an iframe preview overlay false
transition Transition style (default/cube/page/concave/zoom/linear/fade/none) default
transitionSpeed Transition speed (default/fast/slow) default
backgroundTransition Transition style for full page slide backgrounds (default/none/slide/concave/convex/zoom) default
viewDistance Number of slides away from the current that are visible 3
parallaxBackgroundImage Parallax background image
parallaxBackgroundSize Parallax background size


Licensend under the MIT License

(C) Jens Nazarenus, 2014