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isVerbose: true,
// All paths are relative to this file!!!
// Trailing and leading slashes are not needed!
paths: {
// The path where to find the platform JSON files.
// Those files define the features and which files belong to each of them.
platforms: "platforms",
// Where the features (the source code) can be found.
source: "features",
// Where the built files should be put.
build: "builds"
build: {
// How to create the final file name for the built file.
// You can use "PROFILE" and "PLATFORM" as variables, like so:
// buildFileName:"embed-${PROFILE}-${PLATFORM}"
// The ${} surrounds the varibales.
// The final files may look like so:
// storage-minimal-localStorage.js
// You can see the ".js" gets appended automatically.
fileName: "storage-${PROFILE}-${PLATFORM}",
// If you also want to generate the uncompressed file set the
// following option to true.
// This will result in a file like:
// storage-minimal-localStorage.uncompressed.js
generateUncompressedFiles: false,
defaults: {
// If no profile is given explicitly as a parameter in the build process
// the following is used as the default parameter.
profile: "full",
// The default if no platform is given during the build process.
platform: "localStorage",
// Each profile defines a set of features which will be build
// in the order of lsiting. To learn more about a given feature,
// refer to the README file in the specific fetaure folder.
// You can setup your own profile here. All profiles need to contain the
// feature "engine" to work, and can in addition contain one or more of
// the following features:
// "clear"
// "getAll"
// "getAllKeys"
// "checkedSet"
// "wrappedWrites"
// "object"
profiles: {
// Basic key/value, String only.
"engine", "clear"
"full": [
"engine", "clear", "getAll", "getAllKeys"
"full-checked": [
"engine", "clear", "getAll", "getAllKeys", "checkedSet"
"full-wrapped": [
"engine", "clear", "getAll", "getAllKeys", "wrappedWrites"
// Object store
"object": [
"engine", "clear", "getAll", "getAllKeys", "object"
"object-checked": [
"engine", "clear", "getAll", "getAllKeys", "object", "checkedSet"
"object-wrapped": [
"engine", "clear", "getAll", "getAllKeys", "object", "wrappedWrites"
// Come get some
"dnstuff": [
"engine", "clear", "getAll", "getAllKeys", "object", "checkedSet", "wrappedWrites"