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Various libraries that I either have updated or created myself
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LiquidCrystal library for use with YwRobot's I2C based LCM1602 displa…

…ys. Examples updated for I2C address 0x27. Remove original LiquidCrystal library from app-folder and use this one in Documents/Arduino/libraries instead. If you don't remove the old, you'll get conflicts.
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Various libraries that I either have updated (from others) or created myself.

Download and copy the desired lib to your Arduino libraries folder. The default locations for these are:
On your Mac:: In (home directory)/Documents/Arduino/libraries
On your PC:: My Documents -> Arduino -> libraries
On your Linux box:: (home directory)/sketchbook/libraries

You may need to create the "libraries" subfolder if you haven't done so already.

See each lib for it's License.
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