Python scripts to interact with VMWare vCenter, ESX and oVirt
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Here you can find some Python scripts and includes to interract with VMWare vCenter or ESX hosts and oVirt virtualization hosts.

##Prerequisites ###to use the scripts for VMWare vCenter or ESX

  • install python-pip: (sudo yum -y install python-pip or similar for your distro)
  • pip install pysphere (sudo pip install pysphere)

more information on my blog: Create a new virtual machine in Vsphere with Python, Pysphere and the VMWare API

###to use the scripts for oVirt

  • make sure you have access to the EPEL repositories (for CentOS or RHEL)
  • install ovirt-engine-sdk-python: (sudo yum -y install ovirt-engine-sdk-python or similar for your distro)

more information on my blog: [Create a new virtual machine in oVirt with Python using the API] (

##How to use:

  • edit the defaults in
  • create a textfile similar to example_ovirt.txt or example_vmware.txt
  • execute <name of the vm-definitions file>

Multiple VM-definitions can be givin in one file. ovIrt and ESX can be combined. The deploy_vm is rather quick/dirty, feel free to improve it :)