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Customizable Kanji character charts that are easily printable to help practice writing.
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This is a small javascript powered site that takes in .json data of kanji and outputs a selection box. By selecting these kanji you can make your own kanji worksheets tailored to your practicing needs.


Below are some screenshots of basic usage, along with a screenshot of the API integration.

Kanji Selection:

The Kanji are divided into different categories. As of right now I have JLPT N1-N5, and WaniKani integration. It's very simple to add more categories and kanji by just extending the kanji.json file. Screenshot

Stroke Orders

Two font files are loaded in so a user has the option to turn on and off stroke orders. Screenshot


There is a search option which only takes a unicode kanji character. If that character is found in any of the categories on the app, it will autmatically add the kanji to the top of your worksheet. Screenshot

Formatted Sheet When Printed:

This is a shot of a formatted worksheet when you attempt to print from the website! You can select as many kanji as you want and it will always look shiny. Screenshot

Syncing w/ is an amazing resource for learning the Japanese kanji system. These feature allows a user to pull down the kanji they have unlocked through the site so they are available for printing. Screenshot Screenshot


Of course! Please checkout the issues in the repository, and comment on one if you are planning to submit a PR! This ensures that multiple people aren't working on the same feature at once.

Please try to follow conventions throughout the repository. I am happy to provide guidance and feedback, just ping me in a github issue! ⭐️

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