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Getting started with screenscraping using Chrome Scraper

This repo:

###More tutorials

###Sample code

			Name: <strong class="name">Donatello</strong>
			Name: <strong class="name">Michelangelo</strong>
			Name: <strong class="name">Raffaello</strong>
			Name: <strong class="name">Leonardo</strong>

Get the all names: //li/strong

Or: //strong[@class="name"]

Get first name: //li/strong[1]

XPath basics

Expression What is does
// Search whole document
//div[2] Get n:th tag
//div[2]/table[1]/tr[3] Get n:th, inside n:th, inside n:th tag...
//div[@class="class-name"] Get by attribute
//div[@id="download"] Could be any attribute
//div/text() Get text content of tag

###Links you need

Other tools (for scraping without code)