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Add skipif_not_matplotlib decorator

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commit cd5f9563bed1139c83caebc3e15c41c4b7d7cb31 1 parent 84cb7c3
Jens Hedegaard Nielsen authored
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  1. +2 −0  IPython/testing/
2  IPython/testing/
@@ -313,6 +313,8 @@ def module_not_available(module):
# Other skip decorators
skipif_not_numpy = skipif(module_not_available('numpy'),"This test requires numpy")
+skipif_not_matplotlib = skipif(module_not_available('matplotlib'),"This test requires matplotlib")
skipif_not_sympy = skipif(module_not_available('sympy'),"This test requires sympy")
skip_known_failure = knownfailureif(True,'This test is known to fail')
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