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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This patch replaces the dotted zero with a regular zero without dot.
You will need Python and the Python FontTools
from <> to run this.
from fontTools.ttLib import TTFont
have_fonttools = True
have_fonttools = False
from os.path import join
files = [
#join(r"Web Fonts", "SudoWeb.woff"),
#join(r"Web Fonts", "SudoWeb-Italic.woff"),
#join(r"Web Fonts", "SudoWeb-Bold.woff"),
#join(r"Web Fonts", "SudoWeb-BoldItalic.woff"),
def patch_cmap(font):
#print " Patching CMAP ..."
c = font["cmap"]
for table in c.tables:
#print " Patching format %i subtable ..." % table.format,
if 0x30 in table.cmap:
table.cmap[0x30] = ""
#print "OK."
#print "glyph not found."
def patch(filepath):
print "Patching '%s' ..." % filepath,
base, ext = filepath.rsplit(".", 1)
font = TTFont(filepath)
patch_cmap(font)"%s_patch.%s" % (base, ext))
print "OK"
if have_fonttools:
for f in files:
print "\nThe web fonts were not patched. For the web fonts, please activate the OpenType 'zero' feature in your CSS:"
print ' font-feature-settings: "zero";'
print "Please install the Python FontTools from <> first."