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Critic User FAQ

How can I create a code review for a subset of my topic branch?

Suppose that you've done 5 commits on a topic branch and that you want to submit the first 3 to code review now and then continue work on the topic branch. After you've pushed the branch to Critic you find it under the 'Branches' menu item in the top level menu. Critic will now show all the commits on your topic branch and there is a button called 'Create Review', in the top right corner, that you can use if you want to push the entire branch into code review.

If you want to push just a single commit into code review, you can click that commit, and then click 'Create Review' on the subsequent page.

However, at the branch page it's also possible to select a range of commits to be pushed into review. This is done by selecting the desired commits using the mouse (i.e. click the first commit, hold down the mouse and release over the last commit in the range).

When reviewing code, how can I select some snippet or function name etc from the code and copy it to the clipboard? (i.e. it's not possible to select text because clicking to select triggers the 'New Issue' dialog)

Hold down the CTRL button while selecting.

Can Critic provide some statistics for how much is submitted/reviewed by whom etc?

Yes, there is a basic statistics page available at http://your.critic.domain.tld/statistics

How can I see a list of users that have registered as reviewers/watchers for a particular directory?

Navigate to: http://your.critic.domain.tld/showfilters?repository=INSERT_REPO_NAME&path=INSERT_PATH

See for example:

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